CAMA Publications


Climate Change and Energy program

Lu Y, Liu Y and Zhou M, ‘Rebound effect of improved energy efficiency for different energy types: A general equilibrium analysis for China’, Energy Economics, Volume 62, February 2017, Pages 248-256.
• Lunackova P, Prusa J and Janda K, 2017, ‘The Merit Order Effect of Czech Photovoltaic Plants.’ Energy Policy, vol. 106, pp. 138-147.
• Standardi G, Cai Y, Yeh S, 2017, ‘Sensitivity of Modeling Results to Technological and Regional Details: The Case of Italy’ s Carbon Mitigation Policy’, Energy Economics, in press.

Commodities and the Macroeconomy program

Cashin P, Mohaddes K and Raissi M, ‘Fair weather or foul? The macroeconomic effects of El Niño’, Journal of International Economics.Volume 106, May 2017, Pages 37–54.
• Chudik A, Mohaddes K, Pesaran MH and Raissi M, ‘Is There a Debt-Threshold Effect on Output Growth?’, Review of Economics and Statistics, March 2017, Vol. 99, No. 1, Pages: 135-150.
• Cross J and Nguyen BH, ‘The relationship between global oil price shocks and China’s output: A time-varying analysis’, Energy Economics, Volume 62, February 2017, Pages 79–91.

Finance and the Macroeconomy program

• Apergis N and Cooray A, 2017, ‘Economic Freedom and Income Inequality: Evidence from a Large Panel of Global Economies, A Linear and Non-Linear Long Run Analysis’, Manchester School, 85(1), 88-105.
Cooray A, Dutta N and Mallick S, 2017, ‘Trade Openness and Labor Force Participation in Africa: The Role of Political Institutions’, Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 56(2), 319-350. • Cooray A, Dzhumashev R and Schneider F, 2017, ‘How Does Corruption Affect Public Debt? An Empirical Analysis’, World Development, 90(February), 115-127.
• Dzhumashev R and Cooray A, 2017, ‘The Feldstein-Horioka Model Revisited’, BE Journal of Macroeconomics, 17(1), January.
Hassan G, Holmes M and Valera H, 2017, ‘Is Inflation Targeting Credible in Asia?, A Panel GARCH Approach, Empirical Economics.
Hassan G, Holmes M and Valera H, 2017, ‘How Credible is Inflation Targeting in Asia? A Quantile Unit Root Perspective’, Economic Modelling.
• Kang W, Perez de Gracia F, Ratti RA, 2017, Oil Price Shocks, Policy Uncertainty, and Stock Returns of Oil and Gas Corporations, Journal of International Money and Finance 70, 344–359.
• Kennedy T, Smyth R, Valadkhani A, Chen G, 2017, ‘Refitting the Kuznets Curve Using a Gender-Specific Threshold Model’, Applied Economics, 49(19), 1847-54.
• La HA and Xu Y, 2017, ‘Remittances, Social Security, and Crowding-Out Effect: New Evidence from a Developing County’, Journal of Asian Economics, 49, pp.42-59.
Meeks R, 2017, ‘Capital regulation and the macroeconomy: Empirical evidence and macroprudential policy’ European Economic Review.
• O’Mahony B, Smyth R and Valadkhani A, 2017, ‘Asymmetric causality between Australian inbound and outbound tourism flows’, Applied Economics, 49(1), 33-50.
Vespignani J, 2017, ‘Oil Price Shocks and Policy Uncertainty: New Evidence on the Effects of US and non-US Oil Production’, forthcoming.
• 4Vadlamannati K C and Cooray A, 2017, ‘Transparency Pays? Evaluating the Effects of the Freedom of Information Laws on Perceived Government Corruption’, Journal of Development Studies, 53(1), 116-137.

Globalisation and Trade program

• Anderson MA, Davies MH, Smith SLS, ‘Ethnic Networks and Price Dispersion’, Review of International Economics, Volume 24, Issue 3, p 514–535, August 2016.
Davies MH, ‘Technology Transfer and North-South Trade, Review of International Economics’, Volume 24, Issue 3, p 447–483, August 2016.

Macroeconomic Policy Frameworks program

• Bui H, Makin AJ and Ratnasiri S., 2017, ‘Is Vietnam’s Exchange Rate Overvalued?’ Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 22, 1, 1-15.
Fujiwara I and Teranishi Y, ‘Financial Frictions and Policy Cooperation:A Case with Monopolistic Banking and Staggered Loan Contracts’, Journal of International Economics, Volume 104, January 2017, Pages 19–43.

Macroeconomic Theory program

• Boneva LM, Braun RA, and Waki Y, ‘Some Unpleasant Properties of Loglinearized Solutions When the Nominal Rate is Zero’, the Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 84, pages 216–232.
Dmitriev A, ‘Composite habits and international transmission of business cycles’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 76, March 2017, Pages 1-34.
• Imrohoroglu S, Kitao S, and Yamada T, ‘Can Guest Workers Solve Japan’s Fiscal Problems?’, Economic Inquiry, forthcoming.
Kitao S, ‘When Do We Start? Pension Reform in Aging Japan’, Japanese Economic Review, forthcoming.
Kitao S, Ljungqvist L, and Sargent TJ, ‘A Life Cycle Model of Trans-Atlantic Employment Experiences’, Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming.
• Pavlov O and Weder M, 2017, ‘Product Scope and Endogenous Fluctuations’, Review of Economic Dynamics 24, 175-191.

Model Uncertainty and Macro-Econometrics

• Bhattarai S, Lee JW and Park WY, ‘Policy Regimes, Policy Shifts, and U.S. Business Cycles’, Review of Economics and Statistics, December 2016, Vol. 98, No. 5, Pages: 968-983.
Kamber G, Morley J and Wong B, 2017, ‘Intuitive and Reliable Estimates of the Output Gap from a Beveridge-Nelson Filter’, Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming (CAMA WP 03/2017).
Manopimoke P, 2017, ‘The Output Euler Equation and Real Interest Rate Regimes’, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.

Open Economy Macroeconomics program

• Cudre S and Hoffmann M, 2017, ‘A provincial view of global imbalances: regional capital flows in China’, Review of World Economics, pp 1-27 (CAMA WP 18/2016).
• Kamber G, Theodoridis K, Thoenissen C, ‘News-driven business cycles in small open economies’, Journal of International Economics, Volume 105, March 2017, Pages 77–89 (CAMA WP 02/2014).


Behavioural Macroeconomics and Complexity program

• Lojak B and Proaño CR, 2017, ‘Macroeconomic Risk, Fiscal Policy Rules and Aggregate Volatility in Asymmetric Currency Unions: A Behavioral Perspective’. In: Bökemeier B & Greiner A (eds.): Inequality and Finance in Macrodynamics. Dynamic Modeling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance Series. New York: Springer, forthcoming.

Macroeconomic Policy Frameworks program

Makin AJ (2017) International Money and Finance, Routledge UK.

Macroeconomic Theory program

• Attanasio O, Bonfatti A, Kitao S and Weber G, ‘Global Demographic Trends: Consumption, Saving and International Capital Flows’ in Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging, 2017, Vol. 1A, Chapter 4.

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