CAMA Publications


Behavioural Macroeconomics and Complexity program

• Lojak B, Makarewicz T and Proaño CR (2023)’Low interest rates, bank’s search-for-yield behavior and financial portfolio management’, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Jan 2023, Volume 64, 101839.

COVID-19 and the Macroeconomy program

Morley J, Palenzuela DR, Sun Y and Wong B (2023) ‘Estimating the euro area output gap using multivariate information and addressing the COVID-19 pandemic’, European Economic Review, Volume 153, April 2023.

Finance and the Macroeconomy program

• Aono K and Okimoto T (2023) ‘When Does the Japan Empowering Women Index Outperform its Parent and the ESG Select Leaders Indexes?’, International Review of Financial Analysis, January 2023, Vol 85, 102428.

Hartigan L and Wright M (2023) ‘Monitoring Financial Conditions and Downside Risk to Economic Activity in Australia’, Economic Record, 20 Jan 2023,

Valadkhani A (2023) ‘Performance of Renewable and Non-Renewable Exchange-traded Funds during Heightened Uncertainty?’, Applied Economics, Accepted on 22 January 2023. Forthcoming.

Valadkhani A (2023) ‘Investment Sensitivity to Market Uncertainty in the Travel and Tourism Sector’, Tourism Economics, January 2023.

• Elgin C, Yalaman A and Yasar S (2023) ‘Economic stimulus measures in the pandemic: the role of fiscal decentralisation’, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 4 Jan 2023, rsac047.

• Clare A, Seaton J, Smith PN and Thomas S (2023) ‘Using the Minimum Acceptable Annual Withdrawal with the Perfect Withdrawal Rate rule’, Journal of Retirement, 2023, forthcoming.

Growth, Demographics and Productivity program

Jha R (2023) ‘Macroeconomics for Development: Prognosis and Prospects’, Edward Elgar, January 2023.

• Bhattacharya J, Bishnu M and Wang M (2023) ‘Credit Markets with Time-Inconsistent Agents and Strategic Loan Default’, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. Forthcoming.

Micro-Heterogeneity and Macroeconomic Performance program

Akhtaruzzaman A (2023) ‘Does Institutional Quality Matter to Korean Outward FDI? A Gravity Model Analysis’, World Economy Brief, January 2023, Vol. 12 No. 47.

Model Uncertainty and Macro-Econometrics program

Eo Y, Uzeda L and Wong B (2023) ‘Understanding Trend Inflation Through the Lens of the Goods and Services Sectors’, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Feb 2023. CAMA WP 28/2022. Forthcoming.

Open Economy Macroeconomics program

Görtz C, Gunn C and Lubik T (2023) ‘What drives inventory accumulation? News on rates of return and marginal costs’, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming.

Choi, S, Ciminelli G and Furceri D (2023) ‘Is domestic uncertainty a local pull factor driving foreign capital inflows? New cross-country evidence’, Journal of International Money and Finance, February 2023, Volume 130: 102764.

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