CAMA Working Paper Series

Castelnuovo E, Mori L, Peersman G, May 2024, Commodity Price Shocks and Global Cycles: Monetary Policy Matters paper no. 36/2024.

Graham J, May 2024, A Structural Model of Mortgage Offset Accounts in the Australian Housing Market paper no. 35/2024.

Albonico A, Ascari G, Haque Q, May 2024, Monetary Policy in the Euro Area: Active or Passive? paper no. 34/2024.

Xu L, Yu Y, Zanetti F, May 2024, The Adoption and Termination of Suppliers over the Business Cycle paper no. 33/2024.

Brueckner M, Dahal S, Lin H, May 2024, Natural Disasters and Human Development in Asia-Pacific: The Role of External Debt paper no. 32/2024.

Eickmeier S, Petersen L, May 2024, Toward a Holistic Approach to Central Bank Trust paper no. 31/2024.

Vespignani J, Smyth R, May 2024, Artificial Intelligence Investments Reduce Risks to Critical Mineral Supply paper no. 30/2024.

de Mira EC, Maldonado WL, May 2024, Detecting Bubbles in the Brazilian Commercial Real Estate Market: 2012-2023 paper no. 29/2024.

Mercado R, Sanfilippo L, May 2024, Multi-Sector Bond Funds: New Evidence on Global and Domestic Drivers and Effectiveness of Capital Account Measures paper no. 28/2024.

Chrimes T, Gootjes B, Kose MA, Wheeler C, May 2024, The Great Reversal paper no. 27/2024.

Agarwala M, Burke M, Doherty-Bigara J, Klusak P, Mohaddes K, April 2024, Climate Change and Sovereign Risk: A Regional Analysis for the Caribbean paper no. 26/2024.

Graham J, McDowall RA, April 2024, Mental Accounts and Consumption Sensitivity Across the Distribution of Liquid Assets paper no. 25/2024.

Kamber G, Morley J, Wong B, March 2024, Trend-Cycle Decomposition After COVID paper no. 24/2024.

Eickmeier S, Quast J, Schüler Y, March 2024, Macroeconomic and Financial Effects of Natural Disasters paper no. 23/2024.

Fernández-Villaverde J, Yu Y, Zanetti F, March 2024, Technological Synergies, Heterogeneous Firms and Idiosyncratic Volatility paper no. 22/2024.

Botsis A, Görtz C, Sakellaris P, March 2024, Quantifying Qualitative Survey Data with Panel Data Structure paper no. 21/2024.

Di Guilmi C, Rylah GK, March 2024, Behind the Curve: Econometric Estimation and Sectoral Decomposition of the Japanese Beveridge Curve’s Evolution Around the COVID-19 Pandemic paper no. 20/2024.

Bjørnland HC, Jensen MC, Thorsrud LA, March 2024, Business Cycle and Health Dynamics during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Scandinavian Perspective paper no. 19/2024.

Chang Y, Durlauf SN, Hu B, Park JY, February 2024, Accounting for Individual-Specific Heterogeneity in Intergenerational Income Mobility paper no. 18/2024.

Choi S, Furceri D, Yoo SY, February 2024, Heterogeneity in the Effects of Uncertainty Shocks on Labor Market Dynamics and Extensive vs. Intensive Margins of Adjustment paper no. 17/2024.


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