CAMA Working Paper Series

Comunale M, Dainauskas J, Lastauskas P, January 2021, What explains excess trade persistence? A theory of habits in the supply chains paper no. 11/2021.

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Arin KP, Devereux K, Mazur M, January 2021, Taxes and firm investment paper no. 08/2021.

Ueda K, January 2021, Duopolistic competition and monetary policy paper no. 07/2021.

Jiang D, Weder M, January 2021, American business cycles 1889-1913: An accounting approach paper no. 06/2021.

Kollmann R, January 2021, Liquidity traps in a world economy paper no. 05/2021.

Lee JW, Kwak DW, Song E, January 2021, Can older workers stay productive? The role of ICT skills and training paper no. 04/2021.

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Cho Y, Li SM, Uren L, January 2021, Investment housing tax concessions and welfare: Evidence from Australia paper no. 02/2021.

Cho Y, Li SM, Uren L, January 2021, Stamping out stamp duty: Property or consumption taxes? paper no. 01/2021.

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