CAMA Working Paper Series

Reid M, Siklos P, Guetterman T, Plessis SD, April 2020, The role of financial journalists in the expectations channel of the monetary transmission mechanism paper no. 37/2020.

Coe PJ, Vahey SP, April 2020, Financial conditions and the risks to economic growth in the United States since 1875 paper no. 36/2020.

Baskozos G, Galanis G, Di Guilmi C, April 2020, Social distancing and contagion in a discrete choice model of COVID-19 paper no. 35/2020.

Cross JL, Nguyen BH, Tran TD, April 2020, The role of precautionary and speculative demand in the global market for crude oil paper no. 34/2020.

Hassan GM, April 2020, Clean energy and household remittances in Bangladesh: Evidence from a natural experiment paper no. 33/2020.

Comunale M, April 2020, Shock dependence of exchange rate pass-through: A comparative analysis of BVARs and DSGEs paper no. 32/2020.

Pontines V, Luvsannyam D, Atarbaatar E, Munkhtsetseg U, March 2020, The effectiveness of currency intervention in a commodity-exporter: Evidence from Mongolia paper no. 31/2020.

Gao S, Hou C, Nguyen BH, March 2020, Forecasting natural gas prices using highly flexible time-varying parameter models paper no. 30/2020.

Cheong J, Kwak DW, Tang KK, March 2020, Trade elasticity: Estimates from product-level data paper no. 29/2020.

Pagan A, Robinson T, March 2020, Too many shocks spoil the interpretation paper no. 28/2020.

Tchatoka FD, Haque Q, March 2020, On bootstrapping tests of equal forecast accuracy for nested models paper no. 27/2020.

Liu W, March 2020, Demographic change, carbon convergence and climate policy paper no. 26/2020.

Carvalho C, Eusepi S, Moench E, Preston B, March 2020, Anchored inflation expectations paper no. 25/2020.

Celik SK, Kose MA, Ohnsorge FL, March 2020, Subdued potential growth: Sources and remedies paper no. 24/2020.

Kose MA, Nagle PSO, Ohnsorge FL, Sugawara N, March 2020, Can this time be different? Policy options in times of rising debt paper no. 23/2020.

Liu W, McKibbin W, March 2020, Macroeconomic impacts of global demographic change on Australia paper no. 22/2020.

Liu W, McKibbin W, March 2020, Global macroeconomic impacts of demographic change paper no. 21/2020.

Liu W, Poonpolkul P, March 2020, Demographic impacts on life cycle portfolios and financial market structures paper no. 20/2020.

McKibbin W, Fernando R, March 2020, The global macroeconomic impacts of COVID-19: Seven scenarios paper no. 19/2020.

Fry-McKibbin R, Souza RS, February 2020, Disentangling commodity demand, commodity supply, and international liquidity shocks on an emerging market paper no. 18/2020.


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