CAMA Working Paper Series

Fernandez-Villaverde J, Mandelman F, Yu Y, Zanetti F, May 2022, Search Complementarities, Aggregate Fluctuations, and Fiscal Policy paper no. 40/2022.

Dominguez B, Gomis-Porqueras P, May 2022, Normalizing the central bank’s balance sheet: Implications for inflation and debt dynamics paper no. 39/2022.

Janda K, Kortusova A, Zhang B, May 2022, Estimation of green bond premiums in the Chinese secondary market paper no. 38/2022.

Lieberknecht P, Vermeulen P, May 2022, Wealth and income inequality in the long run paper no. 37/2022.

Watson T, Tervala J, Sainsbury T, May 2022, The JobKeeper payment: How good are wage subsidies? paper no. 36/2022.

De Grauwe P, Ji Y, May 2022, Trust and monetary policy paper no. 35/2022.

Lee K, Shields K, Turnip G, May 2022, Shock persistence, uncertainty and news-driven business cycles paper no. 34/2022.

Dennis R, Ilbas P, April 2022, Monetary and macroprudential policy interactions in a model of the European Union paper no. 33/2022.

Burdekin RCK, Siklos PL, April 2022, Armageddon and the stock market: US, Canadian and Mexican market responses to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis paper no. 32/2022.

Sinha A, Sedai AK, April 2022, Why care for the care economy: Empirical evidence from Nepal paper no. 31/2022.

Chernis T, Coe PJ, Vahey SP, April 2022, Reassessing the dependence between economic growth and financial conditions since 1973 paper no. 30/2022.

Ha J, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, April 2022, From low to high inflation: Implications for emerging market and developing economies paper no. 29/2022.

Eo Y, Uzeda L, Wong B, April 2022, Understanding trend inflation through the lens of the goods and services sectors paper no. 28/2022.

Murphy C, March 2022, Fiscal policy in the COVID-19 era paper no. 27/2022.

Eusepi S, Gibbs CG, Preston B, March 2022, Monetary policy trade-offs at the zero lower bound paper no. 26/2022.

Kudrna G, March 2022, The economy-wide effects of mandating private retirement incomes paper no. 25/2022.

Qi L, March 2022, Investor sentiment, volatility and cross-market illiquidity dynamics: A threshold vector autoregression approach paper no. 24/2022.

Bowman J, March 2022, Consequences of zombie businesses: Australia’s experience paper no. 23/2022.

Bowman J, March 2022, Financial conditions and zombie companies: International evidence paper no. 22/2022.

Kitao S, Mikoshiba M, March 2022, Why women work the way they do in Japan: Roles of fiscal policies paper no. 21/2022.


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