CAMA Working Paper Series

Choi S, Jeong J, Park D, Yoo D, January 2024, News or Animal Spirits? Consumer Confidence and Economic Activity: Redux paper no. 06/2024.

Reid M, Siklos PL, January 2024, Firm Level Expectations and Macroeconomic Conditions: Underpinnings and Disagreement paper no. 05/2024.

Chang Y, Choi Y, Kim CS, Miller JI, Park JY, January 2024, Common Trends and Country Specific Heterogeneities in Long-Run World Energy Consumption paper no. 04/2024.

Feldkircher M, Teliha V, January 2024, Speeches in the Green: The Political Discourse of Green Central Banking paper no. 03/2024.

Eguchi M, Niwa H, Tsuruga T, January 2024, Should the Fiscal Authority Avoid Implementation Lag? paper no. 02/2024.

de Haan J, Ohnsorge F, Yu S, January 2024, Election-Induced Fiscal Policy Cycles in Emerging Market and Developing Economies paper no. 01/2024.

Ha J, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, Yilmazkuday H, December 2023, What Explains Global Inflation paper no. 66/2023.

Chang Y, Gómez-Rodríguez F, Matthes C, December 2023, The Influence of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on the Shape of the Yield Curve paper no. 65/2023.

Choi S, Willems T, Yoo SY, December 2023, Revisiting the Monetary Transmission Mechanism through an Industry-Level Differential Approach paper no. 64/2023.

Funaki Y, Kawamura K, Uto N, Ueda K, December 2023, Price Stickiness and Strategic Uncertainty: An Experimental Study paper no. 63/2023.

Sharma V, November 2023, Loan-to-Value Shocks and Housing in the Production Function paper no. 62/2023.

Fernando R, November 2023, Impact of Physical Climate Risks on Antimicrobial Resistance paper no. 61/2023.

Fernando R, November 2023, Impact of Demographic Trends on Antimicrobial Resistance paper no. 60/2023.

Chan F, Pauwels L, November 2023, Optimal Forecast Combination with Mean Absolute Error Loss paper no. 59/2023.

Sharma V, November 2023, State-Dependent Effects of Loan-to-Value Shocks paper no. 58/2023.

Pontines V, Luvsannyam D, November 2023, External Commodity Shocks and the Insulating Role of Fiscal Policy on Real Output: Evidence from a Commodity-Exporting Economy  paper no. 57/2023.

Choi S, Jeong K, Kim J, October 2023, One Monetary Policy and Two Bank Lending Standards: A Tale of Two Europes paper no. 56/2023.

Sharma V, October 2023, Shocks to the Lending Standards and the Macroeconomy paper no. 55/2023.

Kitao S, Nakakuni K, October 2023, On the Trends of Technology, Family Formation, and Women’s Time Allocation paper no. 54/2023.

Bjørnland HC, Cross JL, Kapfhammer F, October 2023, The Drivers of Emission Reductions in the European Carbon Market paper no. 53/2023.


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