CAMA working paper series

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Huh HS, Jha R, Koo CM, October 2005, Debt sustainability in East Asia after the financial crisis paper no. 23/2005.

Fan EX, Felipe J, October 2005, The diverging patterns of profitability, investment and growth of China and India, 1980-2003 paper no. 22/2005.

Hall VB, October 2005, An Australasian currency, New Zealand adopting the US dollar, or an independent monetary policy? paper no. 21/2005.

Zavkiev Z, September 2005, Constructing a 2001 social accounting matrix of Tajikistan paper no. 20/2005.

Fry R, Pagan A, August 2005, Some issues in using VARs for macroeconometric research paper no. 19/2005.

Claus I, August 2005, Financial intermediation and the cost of capital in an open economy paper no. 18/2005.

Felipe J, August 2005, Aggregate investment in the People's epublic of China: A comment paper no. 17/2005.

Claus E, Claus I, June 2005, New Zealand's economic reforms and changing production structure paper no. 16/2005.

Dungey M, Fry R, Gonzales-Hermosillo B, Martin VL, June 2005, Shocks and systemic influences: Contagion in global equity markets in 1998 paper no. 15/2005.

Elliott G, Komunjer I, Timmermann A, June 2005, Biases in macroeconomic forecasts: Irrationality of asymmetric loss? paper no. 14/2005.

McKibbin W, June 2005, Global demographic change and Japanese macroeconomic performance paper no. 13/2005.

Menzies GD, Zizzo DJ, June 2005, Inferential expectations paper no. 12/2005.

Anderson HM, Low CN, Snyder R, May 2005, Single source of error state space approach to the Beveridge Nelson decomposition paper no. 11/2005.

McKibbin WJ, Stegman A, May 2005, Convergence and per capita carbon emissions paper no. 10/2005.

Arin KP, Koray F, May 2005, Fiscal policy and economic activity: US evidence paper no. 09/2005.

Stegman A, May 2005, Convergence in carbon emissions per capita paper no. 08/2005.

Pagan A, May 2005, Some econometric analysis of constructed binary time series paper no. 07/2005.

Felipe J, May 2005, A note on competitiveness, unit labor costs and growth: Is "Kaldor's Paradox" a figment of interpretation? paper no. 06/2005.

Ang JB, McKibbin WJ, May 2005, Financial liberalization, financial sector development and growth: Evidence from Malaysia paper no. 05/2005.

Claus I, May 2005, The effects of bank lending in an open economy paper no. 04/2005.


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