CAMA working paper series

Pagan A, Wickens M, November 2019, Checking if the straitjacket fits paper no. 81/2019.

IJtsma P, Shaffer S, Spierdijk L, October 2019, US banking deregulation and local economic growth: Direct effects and externalities paper no. 80/2019.

Kavuri AS, Milne A, Wood J, October 2019, What is new about cryptocurrencies? A visual analysis paper no. 79/2019.

Majumder MK, Raghavan M, Vespignani J, October 2019, Oil curse, economic growth and trade openness paper no. 78/2019.

Chan JCC, October 2019, Large hybrid time-varying parameter VARs paper no. 77/2019.

Hoffmann M, Maslov E, Sorensen BE, October 2019, Small firms and domestic bank dependence in Europe’s great recession paper no. 76/2019.

Castelnuovo E, October 2019, Domestic and global uncertainty: A survey and some new results paper no. 75/2019.

Kulish M, Pagan A, September 2019, Turning point and oscillatory cycles paper no. 74/2019.

Proano CR, Lojak B, September 2019, Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower bound paper no. 73/2019.

Wiskich A, September 2019, Evidence for and modelling of a decreasing long-run elasticity of substitution between clean and dirty energy paper no. 72/2019.

Wiskich A, September 2019, A comment on innovation in "The environment and directed technical change" paper no. 71/2019.

Wiskich A, September 2019, Optimal climate policy with directed technical change, extensive margins and a decreasing elasticity of substitution between clean and dirty energy paper no. 70/2019.

Siklos PL, September 2019, US monetary policy since the 1950s and the changing content of FOMC minutes paper no. 69/2019.

Arin KP, Gahramanov E, Omay T, Ulubasoglu MA, September 2019, A tale of two taxes: State-dependency of tax policy paper no. 68/2019.

Arin KP, Braunfels E, Zenker C, September 2019, On the transmission channels for the resource curse paper no. 67/2019.

Adnan W, Arin KP, Corakci A, Spagnolo N, September 2019, A closer look at the employment effects of fiscal policy shocks: What have minorities got to do with it? paper no. 66/2019.

Wiskich A, September 2019, Weighing cows and coal: Optimal taxes for methane and carbon from a tipping risk paper no. 65/2019.

Wiskich A, September 2019, The optimal carbon tax with an endogenous chance of a tipping climate paper no. 64/2019.

Dungey M, Fry-McKibbin R, Volkov V, September 2019, Transmission of a resource boom: The case of Australia paper no. 63/2019.

Kamber G, Wong B, August 2019, Global factors and trend inflation paper no. 62/2019.


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