CAMA working paper series

Alam MM, September 2023, Deficit Financing with the National Saving Certificate and Its Macroeconomic Consequences on Bangladesh's Economy paper no. 45/2023.

Okimoto T, Takaoka S, September 2023, Sustainability and Credit Spreads in Japan paper no. 44/2023.

Buncic D, Pagan A, Robinson T, September 2023, Recovering Stars in Macroeconomics paper no. 43/2023.

Herculano M, Jacob P, August 2023, Financial Condition Indices in an Incomplete Data Environment paper no. 42/2023.

Han YC, Miranda-Pinto J, Tanaka S, August 2023, Service Trade, Regional Specialization, and Welfare paper no. 41/2023.

Ahadzie RM, Daugaard D, Kangogo M, Khan F, Vespignani J, August 2023, Covid-19, Mobility Restriction Policies and Stock Market Volatility: A Cross-Country Empirical Study paper no. 40/2023.

Pourkhanali A, Khezr P, Nepal R, Jamasb T, August 2023, Fuel Price Caps in the Australian National Wholesale Electricity Market paper no. 39/2023.

Kulish M, Morley J, Yamout N, Zanetti F, August 2023, Dutch Disease, Unemployment and Structural Change paper no. 38/2023.

Ascari G, Bonomolo P, Haque Q, August 2023, The Long-Run Phillips Curve is ... a Curve paper no. 37/2023.

Lyu C, Do HX, Nepal R, Jamasb T, July 2023, Volatility Spillovers and Carbon Price in the Nordic Wholesale Electricity Markets paper no. 36/2023.

Nepal R, Best R, Taylor M, July 2023, Place-Based Energy Inequality for Ethnicities in Nepal paper no. 35/2023.

Dinh VH, Nibbering D, Wong B, July 2023, Random Subspace Local Projections paper no. 34/2023.

Choi S, Phi J, July 2023, Impact of Uncertainty Shocks on Income and Wealth Inequality paper no. 33/2023.

Cho Y, Morley J, Singh A, July 2023, Did Marginal Propensities to Consume Change with the Housing Boom and Bust? paper no. 32/2023.

Yew SL, Zhang J, July 2023, Health Externalities to Productivity and Efficient Health Subsidies paper no. 31/2023.

Bahal G, Lenzo D, July 2023, Beyond Domar Weights: A New Measure of Systemic Importance in Production Networks paper no. 30/2023.

Andrews D, Bahar E, Hambur J, July 2023, The Effects of COVID-19 and JobKeeper on Productivity-Enhancing Reallocation in Australia paper no. 29/2023.

Chadwick M, Cherry R, Galimberti JK, June 2023, Non-response Bias in Household Inflation Expectations Surveys paper no. 28/2023.

Wiskich A, June 2023, Perfect So Far? Substitutability Between Wind & Solar and Dirty Electricity Generation  paper no. 27/2023.

Hambur J, Haque Q, June 2023, Can We Use High-Frequency Yield Data to Better Understand the Effects of Monetary Policy and Its Communication? Yes and No!   paper no. 26/2023.


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