CAMA Working Paper Series

Cheong J, Kwak DW, Tang KK, August 2017, The trade effects of tariffs and non-tariff changes of preferential trade agreements paper no. 49/2017.
Kose MA, Kurlat S, Ohnsorge F, Sugawara N, August 2017, A cross-country database of fiscal space paper no. 48/2017.
Sekine A, Tsuruga T, July 2017, Effects of commodity price shocks on inflation: A cross-country analysis paper no. 45/2017.
Boschi M, d'Addona S, July 2017, The stability of tax elasticities over the business cycle in European countries paper no. 44/2017.
Kavuri AS, McKibbin WJ, July 2017, Technology and leisure: Macroeconomic Implications paper no. 43/2017.
Ravazzolo F, Vespignani J, June 2017, World steel production: A new monthly indicator of global real economic activity paper no. 42/2017.
Krippner L, June 2017, A comment on Wu and Xia (2016) from a macroeconomic perspective paper no. 41/2017.
Libich J, June 2017, Unpleasant monetarist arithmetic: Macroprudential edition paper no. 40/2017.
McKibbin WJ, Morris AC, Wilcoxen PJ, Liu W, June 2017, The role of border carbon adjustments in a US carbon tax paper no. 39/2017.
Hirose Y, Sunakawa T, May 2017, The natural rate of interest in a nonlinear DSGE model paper no. 38/2017.
Huidrom R, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, May 2017, How important are spillovers from major emerging markets? paper no. 37/2017.
Kang W, Ratti RA, Vespignani JL, May 2017, Global commodity prices and global stock volatility shocks: Effects across countries paper no. 36/2017.
Hwa TB, Raghavan M, Huey TT, May 2017, Macro-financial effects of portfolio flows: Malaysia’s experience paper no. 35/2017.
Eusepi S, Preston B, May 2017, Fiscal foundations of inflation: Imperfect knowledge paper no. 34/2017.
Lombardi D, Siklos PL, Amand SS, April 2017, Government bond yields at the effective lower bound: International evidence paper no. 32/2017.
McGregor T, Wills S, April 2017, Surfing a wave of economic growth paper no. 31/2017.


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