CAMA working paper series

Baumeister C, Guérin P, October 2020, A comparison of monthly global indicators for forecasting growth paper no. 93/2020.

Pham V, Woodland A, October 2020, Multi-product firms and product quality expansion paper no. 92/2020.

Zhang B, Nguyen BH, October 2020, Real-time forecasting of the Australian macroeconomy using flexible Bayesian VARs paper no. 91/2020.

Chan JCC, Strachan RW, October 2020, Bayesian state space models in macroeconometrics paper no. 90/2020.

Proaño CR, Lojak B, October 2020, Monetary policy with a state-dependent inflation target in a behavioral two-country monetary union model paper no. 89/2020.

Poonpolkul P, October 2020, Age-dependent risk aversion: Re-evaluating fiscal policy impacts of population ageing paper no. 88/2020.

Li M, Fu B, October 2020, US shocks and the uncovered interest rate parity paper no. 87/2020.

Zhang T, Burke PJ, October 2020, The effect of fuel prices on traffic flows: Evidence from New South Wales paper no. 86/2020.

Chudik A, Mohaddes K, Pesaran MH, Raissi M, Rebucci A, September 2020, A counterfactual economic analysis of Covid-19 using a threshold augmented multi-country model paper no. 85/2020.

Remolona E, Yetman J, September 2020, De jure benchmark bonds paper no. 84/2020.

Kabundi A, Ohnsorge F, September 2020, Implications of cheap oil for emerging markets paper no. 83/2020.

Best R, Burke PJ, Nishitateno S, September 2020, Factors affecting renters’ electricity use: more than split incentives paper no. 82/2020.

Naeem MA, Peng Z, Suleman MT, Nepal R, Shahzad SJH, September 2020, Time and frequency connectedness among oil shocks, electricity and clean energy markets paper no. 81/2020.

Pellegrino G, Castelnuovo E, Caggiano G, September 2020, Uncertainty and monetary policy during extreme events paper no. 80/2020.

Majumder MK, Raghavan M, Vespignani J, September 2020, Commodity price volatility, fiscal balance and real interest rate paper no. 79/2020.

Berger T, Morley J, Wong B, August 2020, Nowcasting the output gap paper no. 78/2020.

Janda K, Kravtsov O, August 2020, Regulatory stress tests and bank responses paper no. 77/2020.

Panton AJ, August 2020, Climate hysteresis and monetary policy paper no. 76/2020.

Kollmann R, August 2020, Liquidity traps in a monetary union paper no. 75/2020.

Caggiano G, Castelnuovo E, Nodari G, August 2020, Uncertainty and monetary policy in good and bad times: A Replication of the VAR investigation by Bloom (2009) paper no. 74/2020.


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