CAMA working paper series

Chan JCC, Eisenstat E, June 2018, Comparing hybrid time-varying parameter VARs paper no. 31/2018.

Best R, Burke P, June 2018, Electricity availability: A precondition for faster economic growth? paper no. 30/2018.

Barr N, Chapman B, Dearden L, Dynarski S, June 2018, Reflections on the US college loans system: Lessons from Australia and England paper no. 29/2018.

Day C, June 2018, Inverse J effect of economic growth on fertility: a model of gender wages and maternal time substitution paper no. 28/2018.

Caggiano G, Castelnuovo E, Figueres JM, June 2018, Economic policy uncertainty spillovers in booms and busts paper no. 27/2018.

Chan JCC, Eisenstat E, Hou C, Koop G, May 2018, Composite likelihood methods for large Bayesian VARs with stochastic volatility paper no. 26/2018.

Chan JCC, Jacobi L, Zhu D, May 2018, How sensitive are VAR forecasts to prior hyperparameters? An automated sensitivity analysis paper no. 25/2018.

Miranda-Pinto J, Young ER, May 2018, Flexibility and frictions in multisector models paper no. 24/2018.

Haque Q, Groshenny N, Weder M, May 2018, Do we really know that US monetary policy was destabilizing in the 1970s? paper no. 23/2018.

Janda K, May 2018, Slovak electricity market and the merit order effect of photovoltaics paper no. 22/2018.

Day C, May 2018, Population and house prices in the United Kingdom paper no. 21/2018.

Smith C, Thoenissen C, May 2018, Migration and business cycle dynamics paper no. 20/2018.

McKibbin W, Panton A, May 2018, 25 years of inflation targeting in Australia: Are there better alternatives for the next 25 years? paper no. 19/2018.

Bruns SB, Konig J, Stern DI, April 2018, Replication and robustness analysis of 'energy and economic growth in the USA: a multivariate approach' paper no. 18/2018.

McKibbin W, Triggs A, April 2018, Modelling the G20 paper no. 17/2018.

Cross JL, Hou C, Poon A, April 2018, International transmissions of aggregate macroeconomic uncertainty in small open economies: An empirical approach paper no. 16/2018.

Tyers R, Zhou Y, April 2018, Deflation forces and inequality paper no. 15/2018.

Hou C, Nguyen BH, April 2018, Understanding the US natural gas market: A Markov switching VAR approach paper no. 14/2018.

Pontines V, March 2018, Self-selection and treatment effects in macroeconomics: Revisiting the effectiveness of foreign exchange intervention paper no. 13/2018.

Burke PJ, Teame A, March 2018, Fuel prices and road deaths in Australia paper no. 12/2018.


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