CAMA working paper series

Celik SK, Kose MA, Ohnsorge FL, March 2020, Subdued potential growth: Sources and remedies paper no. 24/2020.

Kose MA, Nagle PSO, Ohnsorge FL, Sugawara N, March 2020, Can this time be different? Policy options in times of rising debt paper no. 23/2020.

Liu W, McKibbin W, March 2020, Macroeconomic impacts of global demographic change on Australia paper no. 22/2020.

Liu W, McKibbin W, March 2020, Global macroeconomic impacts of demographic change paper no. 21/2020.

Liu W, Poonpolkul P, March 2020, Demographic impacts on life cycle portfolios and financial market structures paper no. 20/2020.

McKibbin W, Fernando R, March 2020, The global macroeconomic impacts of COVID-19: Seven scenarios paper no. 19/2020.

Fry-McKibbin R, Souza RS, February 2020, Disentangling commodity demand, commodity supply, and international liquidity shocks on an emerging market paper no. 18/2020.

Triggs A, McKibbin WJ, February 2020, Global implications of a US-led currency war paper no. 17/2020.

Breunig R, Wiskich A, Wokker C, February 2020, Resource rents, political rights and civil liberties paper no. 16/2020.

Ball C, Groshenny N, Karagedikli O, Ozbilgin M, Robinson F, February 2020, Low wage growth and job-to-job transitions: Evidence from administrative data in New Zealand paper no. 15/2020.

Dennis R, Kirsanov O, February 2020, Monetary policy when preferences are quasi-hyperbolic paper no. 14/2020.

Kose MA, Ohnsorge FL, February 2020, Emerging and developing economies: Ten years after the global recession paper no. 13/2020.

Ha J, Kose MA, Otrok C, Prasad ES, February 2020, Global macro-financial cycles and spillovers paper no. 12/2020.

Di Gulmi C, Fujiwara Y, February 2020, Dual labor market, inflation, and aggregate demand in an agent-based model of the Japanese macroeconomy paper no. 11/2020.

Kose MA, Sugawara N, Terrones ME, February 2020, Global recessions paper no. 10/2020.

Koh WC, Kose MA, Nagle PS, Ohnsorge FL, Sugawara N, February 2020, Debt and financial crises paper no. 09/2020.

Kapetanios G, Price S, Tasiou M, Ventouri A, February 2020, State-level wage Phillips curves paper no. 08/2020.

Haque Q, Magnusson LM, February 2020, Identification robust empirical evidence on the Euler equation in open economies paper no. 07/2020.

Kollmann R, February 2020, Rational bubbles in non-linear business cycle models: Closed and open economies paper no. 06/2020.

Comunale M, Mongelli FP, January 2020, Who did it? A European detective story was it real, financial, monetary and/or institutional: Tracking growth in the Euro area with an atheoretical tool paper no. 05/2020.


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