CAMA working paper series

Coccorese P, Shaffer S, February 2018, Cooperative banks and local economic growth paper no. 11/2018.

Perdana S, Tyers R, February 2018, Global climate change mitigation: Strategic incentives paper no. 10/2018.

Burdekin RCK, Siklos PL, January 2018, Quantifying the impact of the November 2014 Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect paper no. 9/2018.

Bohl MT, Siklos PL, January 2018, The anatomy of inflation: An economic history perspective paper no. 8/2018.

Siklos PL, January 2018, What has publishing inflation forecasts accomplished? Central banks and their competitors paper no. 7/2018.

Bohl MT, Siklos PL, Wellenreuther C, January 2018, Speculative activity and returns volatility of Chinese major agricultural commodity futures paper no. 6/2018.

Fry-McKibbin R, Hsiao CYL, Martin VL, January 2018, Measuring financial interdependence in asset returns with an application to euro zone equities paper no. 5/2018.

Liu X, Pagan AR, Robinson T, January 2018, Critically assessing estimated DSGE models: A case study of a multi-sector model paper no. 4/2018.

Nepal R, Paija N, January 2018, Closing the evidence gap: Energy consumption, real output and pollutant emissions in a developing mountainous economy paper no. 3/2018.

Janku J, Libich J, January 2018, Ignorance isn’t bliss: Uninformed voters drive budget cycles paper no. 2/2018.

Henckel T, Menzies GD, Moffatt PG, Zizzo DJ, January 2018, Belief adjustment: A double hurdle model and experimental evidence paper no. 1/2018.

Bjornland HC, Larsen VH, Maih J, December 2017, Oil and macroeconomic (in)stability paper no. 79/2017.

Pontines V, Siregar RY, December 2017, Non-core liabilities and monetary policy transmission in Indonesia during the post-2007 global financial crisis paper no. 78/2017.

McKibbin W, Morris A, Panton AJ, Wilcoxen PJ, December 2017, Climate change and monetary policy: Dealing with disruption paper no. 77/2017.

Claessens S, Kose MA, November 2017, Asset prices and macroeconomic outcomes: A survey paper no. 76/2017.

Claessens S, Kose MA, November 2017, Macroeconomic implications of financial imperfections: A survey paper no. 75/2017.

Irsyada MI, Halog A, Nepal R, November 2017, Renewable energy projections for climate change mitigation: An analysis of uncertainty and errors paper no. 74/2017.

Filip O, Janda K, Kristoufek L, Zilberman D, November 2017, Food versus fuel: An updated and expanded evidence paper no. 73/2017.

Malek J, Recka L, Janda K, November 2017, Impact of German Energiewende on transmission lines in the Central European region paper no. 72/2017.

Zhu B, November 2017, Forecasting the real price of oil under alternative specifications of constant and time-varying volatility paper no. 71/2017.


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