CAMA Working Paper Series

Di Guilmi C, Fujiwara Y, July 2020, Does the supply network shape the firm size distribution? The Japanese case paper no. 66/2020.

Burdekin RK, Siklos PL, July 2020, Armageddon and the stock market: US, Canadian and Mexican market responses to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis paper no. 65/2020.

Aastveit KA, Bjornland HC, Cross JL, July 2020, Inflation expectations and the pass-through of oil prices paper no. 64/2020.

Larson WD, Sinclair TM, July 2020, Nowcasting unemployment insurance claims in the time of COVID-19 paper no. 63/2020.

McKibbin W, Fernando R, June 2020, Global macroeconomic scenarios of the COVID-19 pandemic paper no. 62/2020.

Kumar S, June 2020, Firms’ asset holdings and inflation expectations paper no. 61/2020.

Ferrara L, Yapi J, June 2020, Measuring exchange rate risks during periods of uncertainty paper no. 60/2020.

Miyakawa D, Oikawa K, Ueda K, June 2020, Reallocation effects of monetary policy paper no. 59/2020.

Bishnu M, Garg S, Garg T, Ray T, June 2020, Optimal intergenerational transfers: Public education and pensions paper no. 58/2020.

Bhattacharya J, Bishnu M, Wang M, June 2020, Time inconsistency and endogenous borrowing constraints paper no. 57/2020.

Brueckner M, Vespignani J, June 2020, Covid-19 infections and the performance of the stock market: An empirical analysis for Australia paper no. 56/2020.

Fry-McKibbin R, Yan Z, May 2020, Capital market liberalization and equity market interdependence paper no. 55/2020.

Bock M, Feldkircher M, Siklos PL, May 2020, International effects of euro area forward guidance paper no. 54/2020.

Siklos PL, May 2020, Inflation dynamics: Expectations, structural breaks and global factors paper no. 53/2020.

Brueckner M, Long NV, Vespignani J, May 2020, Non-gravity trade paper no. 52/2020.

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Caggiano G, Castelnuovo E, Kima R, May 2020, The global effects of Covid-19-induced uncertainty paper no. 50/2020.

Do H, Nepal R, Smyth R, May 2020, Interconnectedness in the Australian national electricity market: A higher moment analysis paper no. 49/2020.

Imbs J, Pauwels LL, May 2020, Measuring Openness paper no. 48/2020. Earlier versions are available as 48a/2020 and 48b/2020..

Kwas M, Paccagnini A, Rubaszek M, May 2020, Common factors and the dynamics of cereal prices. A forecasting perspective paper no. 47/2020.


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