CAMA Working Paper Series

Eo Y, Lie D, March 2019, Changes in the inflation target and the comovement between inflation and the nominal interest rate paper no. 30/2019.

Kose MA, Matsuoka H, Panizza Ugo, Vorisek D, March 2019, Inflation expectations: Review and evidence paper no. 29/2019.

Huidrom R, Kose MA, Lim JL, Ohnsorge FL, March 2019, Why do fiscal multipliers depend on fiscal positions? paper no. 28/2019.

Breunig R, Freestone O, March 2019, Risk aversion among Australian households paper no. 27/2019.

McKibbin WJ, Triggs A, March 2019, Stagnation vs singularity: The global implications of alternative productivity growth scenarios paper no. 26/2019.

Raghavan M, March 2019, An analysis of the global oil market using SVARMA models paper no. 25/2019.

Ha J, Kose MA, Ohnsorge FL, March 2019, Global inflation synchronization paper no. 24/2019.

Pontines V, March 2019, A provincial view of consumption risk sharing: Asset classes as shock absorbers paper no. 23/2019.

Ha J, Kose MA, Ohnsorge FL, March 2019, Understanding inflation in emerging and developing economies paper no. 22/2019.

Bruns SB, Moneta A, Stern D, February 2019, Macroeconomic time-series evidence that energy efficiency improvements do not save energy paper no. 21/2019.

Janda K, Kristoufek L, February 2019, The relationship between fuel and food prices: Methods, outcomes, and lessons for commodity price risk management paper no. 20/2019.

Chan JCC, February 2019, Large Bayesian vector autoregressions paper no. 19/2019.

Kavuri AS, Milne A, February 2019, FinTech and the future of financial services: What are the research gaps? paper no. 18/2019.

Shaffer S, Spierdijk L, February 2019, Measuring multi-product banks' market power using the Lerner index paper no. 17/2019.

Hasui K, Nakazono Y, Teranishi Y, February 2019, Role of expectations in a liquidity trap paper no. 16/2019.

Karagedikli O, Vahey SP, Wakerly EC, February 2019, Improved methods for combining point forecasts for an asymmetrically distributed variable paper no. 15/2019.

Lee K, Morley J, Shields K, Tan MSL, February 2019, The Australian real-time fiscal database: A overview and an illustration of its use in analysing planned and realised fiscal policies paper no. 14/2019.

Lee K, Morley J, Ong K, Shields K, February 2019, Measuring the fiscal multiplier when plans take time to implement paper no. 13/2019.

Tsuruga T, Wake S, February 2019, Money-financed fiscal stimulus: The effects of implementation lag paper no. 12/2019.

Tyers R, Zhou Y, February 2019, The US-China trade dispute: A macro perspective paper no. 11/2019.


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