CAMA Working Paper Series

Karagedikli O, Vahey SP, Wakerly EC, February 2019, Improved methods for combining point forecasts for an asymmetrically distributed variable paper no. 15/2019.

Lee K, Morley J, Shields K, Tan MSL, February 2019, The Australian real-time fiscal database: A overview and an illustration of its use in analysing planned and realised fiscal policies paper no. 14/2019.

Lee K, Morley J, Ong K, Shields K, February 2019, Measuring the fiscal multiplier when plans take time to implement paper no. 13/2019.

Tsuruga T, Wake S, February 2019, Money-financed fiscal stimulus: The effects of implementation lag paper no. 12/2019.

Tyers R, Zhou Y, February 2019, The US-China trade dispute: A macro perspective paper no. 11/2019.

Nguyen BH, Okimoto T, Tran TD, February 2019, Uncertainty and sign-dependent effects of oil market shocks paper no. 10/2019.

Tyers R, Zhou Y, January 2019, Financial integration and the global effects of China's growth surge paper no. 09/2019.

Gefang D, Koop G, Poon A, January 2019, Variational Bayesian inference in large vector autoregressions with hierarchical shrinkage paper no. 08/2019.

Dungey M, Osborn DR, January 2019, The gains from catch-up for China and the US: An empirical framework paper no. 07/2019.

Chudik A, Pesaran MH, Mohaddes K, January 2019, Identifying global and national output and fiscal policy shocks using a GVAR paper no. 06/2019.

Alpaslan B, Lim KY, Song Y, January 2019, The dynamics of health care and growth: A model with physician in dual practice paper no. 05/2019.

Liu W, McKibbin WJ, Morris A, Wilcoxen PJ, January 2019, Global economic and environmental outcomes of the Paris Agreement paper no. 04/2019.

Irsya MI, Nepal R, Nepal SK, January 2019, Tourist arrivals, energy consumption and pollutant emissions in a developing economy–Implications for sustainable tourism paper no. 03/2019.

Irsya MI, Halog A, Nepal R, January 2019, Estimating the impacts of financing support policies towards photovoltaic market in Indonesia: A social-energy-economy-environment (SE3) model simulation paper no. 02/2019.

Krippner L, January 2019, Will the real eigensystem VAR please stand up? A univariate primer paper no. 01/2019.

Gans J, Leigh A, Schmalz M, Triggs A, December 2018, Inequality and market concentration, when shareholding is more skewed than consumption paper no. 62/2018.

Mahmud S, Hassan GM, December 2018, Are remittances a source of finance for private adaptation strategy? Evidence from a natural experiment in the Cyclone Sidr hit regions of southern Bangladesh paper no. 61/2018.

Feldkircher M, Siklos PL, November 2018, Global inflation dynamics and inflation expectations paper no. 60/2018.

Castelnuovo E, Lim G, November 2018, What do we know about the macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy? A brief survey of the literature on fiscal multipliers paper no. 59/2018.

Kang W, Ratti RA, Vespignani J, November 2018, Financial and non-financial global stock market volatility shocks paper no. 58/2018.


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