CAMA Working Paper Series

Pagan A, July 2019, Australian macro-econometric models and their construction - A short history paper no. 50/2019.

Kahn ME, Mohaddes K, Ng RNC, Pesaran MH, Raissi M, Yang J-C, July 2019, Long-term macroeconomic effects of climate change: A cross-country analysis paper no. 49/2019.

Reid M, Bergman Z, DuPlessis S, Bergman MM, Siklos PL, July 2019, Inflation and monetary policy: What South African newspapers report in an era of policy transparency paper no. 48/2019.

Garratt A, Henckel T, Vahey SP, July 2019, Empirically-transformed linear opinion pools paper no. 47/2019.

Chan JCC, Jacobi L, Zhu D, June 2019, Efficient selection of hyperparameters in large Bayesian VARs using automatic differentiation paper no. 46/2019.

Chan JCC, Jacobi L, Zhu D, June 2019, An automated prior robustness analysis in Bayesian model comparison paper no. 45/2019.

Haque Q, June 2019, Monetary policy, inflation target and the great moderation: An empirical investigation paper no. 44/2019.

Gross C, Siklos PL, June 2019, Analyzing credit risk transmission to the non- financial sector in Europe: A network approach paper no. 43/2019.

Bohl MT, Siklos PL, Stefan M, Wellenreuther C, June 2019, Price discovery in agricultural commodity markets: Do speculators contribute? paper no. 42/2019.

Pagan A, Robinson T, June 2019, Implications of partial information for econometric modeling of macroeconomic systems paper no. 41/2019.

Lye JN, McDonald IM, June 2019, Can loss aversion shed light on the deflation puzzle? paper no. 40/2019.

Han JS, Lee JW, June 2019, Demographic change, human capital, and economic growth in Korea paper no. 39/2019.

Castelnuovo E, June 2019, Yield curve and financial uncertainty: Evidence based on US data paper no. 38/2019.

Kitao S, Mikoshiba M, Takeuchi H, June 2019, Females, the elderly, and also males: Demographic aging and macroeconomy in Japan paper no. 37/2019.

Kitao S, Yamada T, June 2019, Dimensions of inequality in Japan: Distributions of earnings, income and wealth between 1984 and 2014 paper no. 36/2019.

Tyers R, Zhou Y, May 2019, US-China rivalry: The macro policy choices paper no. 35/2019.

Janda K, Kourilek J, May 2019, Residual shape risk on natural gas market with mixed jump diffusion paper no. 34/2019.

Cross J, Nguyen BH, Zhang B, May 2019, New kid on the block? China vs the US in world oil markets paper no. 33/2019.

Brueckner M, Paczos W, Pappa E, April 2019, On the relationship between domestic saving and the current account: Evidence and theory for developing countries paper no. 32/2019.

Clare A, Seaton J, Smith PN, Thomas S, April 2019, Absolute momentum, sustainable withdrawal rates and glidepath investing in US retirement portfolios from 1925 paper no. 31/2019.


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