CAMA working paper series

Hallet AH, Libich J, Stehlik P, January 2008, Welfare improving coordination of fiscal and monetary policy paper no. 04/2008.

Satchell S, Thorp S, January 2008, Scenario analysis with recursive utility: Dynamic consumption plans for charitable endowments paper no. 03/2008.

Satchell S, Thorp S, January 2008, Discounting and consumption over an uncertain horizon: Draw-down plans for family trusts paper no. 02/2008.

Fry R, Martin VL, Tang C, January 2008, A new class of tests of contagion with applications to real estate markets paper no. 01/2008.

Dungey M, Fry R, December 2007, The identification of fiscal and monetary policy in a structural VAR paper no. 29/2007.

Boschi M, Goenka A, December 2007, Relative risk aversion and the transmission of financial crises paper no. 28/2007.

Poke J, Wells G, December 2007, The term spread and GDP growth in Australia paper no. 27/2007.

Fehr E, Tyran JR, December 2007, Limited rationality and strategic interaction: The impact of the strategic environment on nominal inertia paper no. 26/2007.

Dungey M, McKenzie M, Smith V, December 2007, Empirical evidence on jumps in the term structure of the US treasury market paper no. 25/2007.

Liu P, November 2007, Stabilising the Australian business cycle: Good luck or good policy? paper no. 24/2007.

Tomz M, Wright MLJ, November 2007, Do countries default in "bad times"? paper no. 23/2007.

Stehn SJ, Vines D, October 2007, Debt stabilisation bias and the Taylor principle: Optimal policy in a New Keynesian model with government debt and inflation persistence paper no. 22/2007.

Libich J, Hallett AH, Stehlik P, October 2007, Monetary and fiscal policy interaction with various degrees and types of commitment paper no. 21/2007.

Hallett AH, Libich J, Stehlik P, October 2007, Rogoff revisited: The conservative central banker proposition under active fiscal policies paper no. 20/2007.

Mink M, Jacobs JPAM, de Haan J, October 2007, Measuring synchronicity and co-movement of business cycles with an application to the Euro Area paper no. 19/2007.

Anderson H, Dungey M, Osborn DR, Vahid F, October 2007, Constructing historical Euro Area data paper no. 18/2007.

Claus E, Claus I, September 2007, Six leading indexes of New Zealand employment paper no. 17/2007.

Pennings S, Tyers R, September 2007, Increasing returns, financial capital mobility and real exchange rate dynamics paper no. 16/2007.

Alonso-Carrera J, Raurich X, September 2007, Growth, sectoral composition, and the wealth of nations paper no. 15/2007.

Tyers R, Golley J, Bain I, August 2007, China's real exchange rate puzzle paper no. 14/2007.


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