CAMA working paper series

Claus E, Dungey M, Fry R, July 2006, Monetary policy in illiquid markets: Options for a small open economy paper no. 17/2006.

Henckel T, July 2006, Monopolistic unions, brainard uncertainty, and optimal monetary policy paper no. 16/2006.

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Tang HC, April 2006, An Asian monetary union? paper no. 13/2006.

Justiniano A, Preston B, April 2006, Can structural open economy models account for the influence of foreign disturbances? paper no. 12/2006.

Cameron G, Gai P, Tan KY, March 2006, Sovereign risk in the classical gold standard era paper no. 11/2006.

Fukac M, Pagan A, March 2006, Issues in adopting DSGE models for use in the policy process paper no. 10/2006.

Baur D, Fry R, February 2006, Endogenous contagion - A panel data analysis paper no. 09/2006.

Lim ASK, Tang KK, February 2006, Human inequality, human capital inequality and the Kuznets curve paper no. 08/2006.

Wells G , Stengos T, February 2006, Estimates of technology and convergence: Simulation results paper no. 07/2006.

McKibbin WJ, February 2006, The global macroeconomic consequences of a demographic transition paper no. 06/2006.

Smith PN, Sorensen S, Wickens MR, January 2006, The asymmetric effect of the business cycle on the relation between stock market returns and their volatility paper no. 05/2006.

Claus I, Kim K, January 2006, Credit market frictions in an open economy paper no. 04/2006.

Kam T, January 2006, The desirable smooth operator, incomplete pass through and the "zero bound" paper no. 03/2006.

Libich J, January 2006, Inflexibility of inflation targeting revisited: Modelling the "anchoring" effect paper no. 02/2006.

Lester A, January 2006, Inequality and the dual economy: Technology adoption with specific and general skills paper no. 01/2006.

McKibbin W, December 2005, Environmental consequences of rising energy use in China paper no. 28/2005.

Jha R, December 2005, Inflation targeting in India: Issues and prospects paper no. 27/2005.

Zavkiev Z, December 2005, Estimating a model of inflation in Tajikistan paper no. 26/2005.


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