CAMA Working Paper Series

Shaffer S, April 2010, Reciprocal brokered deposits and bank risk paper no. 15/2010.

Bossi L, Gomis-Porqueras P, April 2010, Fiscal policy with intertemporally non-separable preferences paper no. 14/2010.

Lubik TA, Teo WL, April 2010, Inventories, inflation dynamics and the New Keynesian Phillips curve paper no. 13/2010.

Wong B, Tang KK, April 2010, The ageing, longevity and crowding out effects on private and public savings paper no. 12/2010.

Ang JB, Banerjee R, Madsen JB, April 2010, Innovation, technological change and the British agricultural revolution paper no. 11/2010.

Ravazzolo F, Vahey SP, February 2010, Forecast densities for economic aggregates from disaggregate ensembles paper no. 10/2010.

Alonso-Carrera J,, Caballe J, Raurich X, February 2010, Fiscal policy, composition of intergenerational transfers, and income distribution paper no. 09/2010.

Zhang J, Sanning LW, Shaffer S, February 2010, Market efficiency test in the VIX futures market paper no. 08/2010.

Lubik TA, Teo WL, February 2010, Inventories and optimal monetary policy paper no. 07/2010.

Yang S, Shaffer S, January 2010, Bank window dressing: A re-assessment and a puzzle paper no. 06/2010.

Ang JB, Madsen JB, January 2010, Can second-generation endogenous growth models explain the productivity trends and knowledge production in the Asian miracle economies? paper no. 05/2010.

Stern DI, January 2010, Between estimates of the environmental Kuznets curve paper no. 04/2010.

Edge RM, Rudd JB, January 2010, General-equilibrium effects of investment tax incentives paper no. 03/2010.

Dennis R, Kirsanova T, January 2010, Expectations traps and coordination failures: Selecting among multiple discretionary equilibria paper no. 02/2010.

Henckel T, Menzies GD, Zizzo DJ, January 2010, Threshold pricing in a noisy world paper no. 01/2010.

Bikker JA, Shaffer S, Spierdijk L, January 2009, Assessing competition with the Panzar-Rosse model: The role of scale, costs, and equilibrium paper no. 27/2009.

Madsen JB, Islam MR, Ang JB, January 2009, Catching up to the technology frontier: The dichotomy between innovation and imitation paper no. 26/2009.

McKibbin WJ, Stoeckel A, January 2009, Modelling the global financial crisis paper no. 25/2009.

Dungey M, Osborn D, January 2009, Modelling international linkages for large open economies: US and Euro area paper no. 24/2009.

Dungey M, Yalama A, January 2009, Detecting contagion with correlation: Volatility and timing matter paper no. 23/2009.


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