CAMA working paper series

Fry RA, Martin VL, Voukelatos N., January 2009, Overvaluation in Australian housing and equity markets: Wealth effects or monetary policy? paper no. 10/2009.

McKibbin WJ, Wilcoxen PJ, January 2009, The economic and environmental effects of border tax adjustments for climate policy paper no. 09/2009.

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Chien Y, Lee JS, January 2009, Why tax capital? paper no. 05/2009.

Dennis R, January 2009, Model uncertainty and monetary policy paper no. 04/2009.

Edge RM, Kiley MT, Laforte JP, January 2009, A comparision of forecast, simple reduced-form models, and a DSGE model paper no. 03/2009.

Tyers R, Huang L, January 2009, Combating China's export contraction: Fiscal expansion or accelerated industrial reform? paper no. 02/2009.

Libich J, Stehlik P, January 2009, Endogenours monetary commitment paper no. 01/2009.

Nowak S, December 2008, How do public announcements affect the frequency of trading in US airline stocks? paper no. 38/2008.

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Mignone BK, November 2008, Technological scarcity, compliance flexibility and the optimal time path of emissions abatement paper no. 36/2008.

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Mignone BK, October 2008, Prices in emissions permit markets: The role of investor foresight and capital durability paper no. 31/2008.

Claus I, Sloan B, October 2008, Variable GST: A tool for monetary policy in New Zealand? paper no. 30/2008.

Madsen JB, Saxena S, Ang JB, August 2008, The Indian growth miracle and endogenous growth paper no. 29/2008.


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