CAMA Macroeconomics Brown Bag Seminars

Date: 12 December
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Anil Savio Kavuri (PhD Student, CAMA) and Warwick J McKibbin
Topic: Impact of Robots

Date: 6 December
Venue: Barton Theatre
Presenter: Robin Brooks (Goldman Sachs & Co.) and Silvia Ardagna (Goldman Sachs & Co.)
Topic: Real-Time Macro Foreign Exchange Rates

Date: 24 November
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Yashodha Warunie Senadheera (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Terms of trade and the Sri Lankan economy: A sign-restricted VAR approach

Date: 17 November
Venue: SR2
Presenter: David Vines (University of Oxford)
Topic: Chinese leadership of macroeconomic policymaking in a multipolar world

Date: 10 November
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Jamie Cross (PhD Student, Research School of Economics)
Topic: The Contribution of International Shocks in a Small Open Economy

Date: 25 October
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Arjuna Mohottala (PhD student, CAMA)
Topic: The impact of inward workers’ remittances in South Asia

Date: 1 September
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Yashodha Warunie Senadheera (PhD student, CAMA)
Topic: External Shocks and the Sri Lankan Economy: a SVAR Approach

Date: 28 July
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Shaun Vahey (University of Warwick)
Topic: Cognitive Dissonance and Forecaster Overconfidence in a Model of Inflation Expectations with Distributional Inaccuracies

Date: 21 July
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Thorsten Beck (Cass Business School London)
Topic: Sectoral concentration, bank performance and systemic risk: Exploring cross-country variation

Join seminar with Arndt-Corden Department of Economics
Date: 13 July
Venue: SR9
Presenter: Eli Remolona (Bank for International Settlements)
Topic: Communicating Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound

Date: 2 June
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Anpeng Li (PhD Student, Research School of Economics, ANU)
Topic: Labour Market Flexibility and Productivity

Date: 12 May
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Yashodha Warunie Senadheera (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: External Shocks and Monetary Policy in Sri Lanka

Date: 28 April
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Bao Nguyen (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Global oil and iron ore price shocks: What are the different economic effects in Australia?

Date: 24 March
Venue: SR1
Presenter: Maya Eden (World Bank)
Topic: The Week

Date: 18 February
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Aubrey Poon (PhD student, Research School of Economics)
Topic: Assessing the Synchronicity and Nature of Australian State Business Cycles

Date: 4 February
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Akshay Shanker (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Bellman without Berge: Maximum Theorem for Non-Compact Dynamic Problems

Public lectures organised by CAMA

Date: 30 November
Venue: Weston Theatre
Presenter: David Vines (University of Oxford)
Topic: Institutions, Individuals, and Ideas: Macroeconomic Policymaking in Australia from Federation to 2020

Date: 6 June
Venue: Barton Theatre
Presenter: Martin Baily (The Brookings Institution)
Topic: Why is US Economic Growth So Slow?

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