CAMA Macroeconomics Brown Bag Seminars

Date : 10 December
Venue: SR2
Presenter: David Vines (Oxford University)
Topic: Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an Economy with Endogenous Public Debt

Date : 26 November
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Arjuna Mohottala (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: The Macroeconomic Effects of the Carry-Trade Collapse

Date : 25 November
Venue: SR1
Presenter: David Vines (Oxford University)
Topic: The Optimal Coordination of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Framework

Date : 18 November
Venue: SR1
Presenter: Dony Alex (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Evolving Macroeconomic Dynamics of the Indian Economy

Date : 27 October 
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Luis Uzeda (PhD Student, Research School of Economics, ANU)
Topic: What if Structural Breaks Were in the Number of Shocks?

Date : 22 October 
Venue: SR3
Presenter: Jiao Wang (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Optimal Monetary Policy in Open Economies Revisited

Date : 19 October
Venue: Brindabella Theatre
Presenter: Benjamin Wong (Reverse Bank of New Zealand)
Topic: A More Reliable Output Gap that Reflects Policymakers’ Beliefs

Date : 22 September
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Akshay Shanker (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Global Optimum in Models with Individual Income Shocks

Date : 3 September
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Shaun Vahey (University of Warwick)
Topic: Introducing PROFOR- research tool for macro forecasting

Date : 13 August 
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Anil Kavuri (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Effect of Subsector Energy Efficiency Changes upon Carbon Emissions

Date : 6 August 
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Jamie Cross (PhD Student, Research School of Economics)
Topic: The Evolution of the Australian Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism

Date : 18 June
Venue: Murdoch Room
Presenter: Gan-Ochir Doojav (PhD Student, Crawford School)
Topic: News Shocks and Unemployment in An Estimated Small Open Economy DSGE Model

Date : 21 May 
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Karel Janda(Charles University and University of Economics in Prague)
Topic: Renewable Energy - Time-Frequency Dynamics of Biofuels

Date : 23 April 
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Luke Meehan (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Japanese investment dynamics and the comparison of theoretical models

Public lectures organised by CAMA

Date : 1 May 
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Ross Hammond (The Brookings Institution)
Topic: New applications of complex systems modeling to population health: obesity and tobacco control

Date : 8 May 
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Pierre Siklos (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Topic: Monetary Policy Spillovers - A Global Empirical Perspective

Date : 4 September
Venue: Molonglo Theatre
Presenter: Jong-Wha Lee (Korea University)
Topic: Education Matters

Date : 8 October
Venue: Lennox Room
Presenter: David Vines (Oxford University)
Topic: Monetary and fiscal policy in the Great Moderation and the Great Recession

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