CAMA Macroeconomics Brown Bag Seminars

Date: 16 December
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Angelia Grant (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Rational Expectations versus Adaptive Learning in a DSGE Model

Date: 15 December
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Jacob Kleinow (Freiberg University, Germany)
Topic: Determinants of Systemically Important Banks: The Case of Europe

Date: 28 November
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Wee Koh (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Fiscal Policy in Oil-Exporting Countries: The Roles of Oil Funds and Institutional Quality

Date: 20 November
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Taya Dumrongrittikul (Research School of Economics, ANU)
Topic: The Effects of Productivity Gains in Asian Emerging Economies: A Global Vector Autoregressive Framework

Date: 13 November
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Dony Alex (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Does nominal GDP pass the forecastability test for being the future monetary policy framework?

Date: 30 October
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Saten Kumar (Auckland University of Technology)
Topic: How Do Firms Form Their Expectations? New Survey Evidence

Date: 23 October
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Gabriele Standardi (FEEM Italy)
Topic: Assessing the economic general equilibrium effects of Sea Level Rise in the Italian Regions

Date: 2 October
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Samuel Wills (University of Oxford)
Topic: Optimal Monetary Responses to Oil Discoveries

Date: 25 September
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Zulfiqar Hyder (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Identification of Financial Shocks in SVAR with Model Based Sign Restrictions

Date: 28 August
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Samuel Wills (University of Oxford)
Topic: The Elephant in the Ground: Managing Oil and Sovereign Wealth

Date: 12 June
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Akshay Shanker (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: The Environment and Economic Growth: Modelling Heterogeneity of Ecosystems and Technologies

Date: 24 April
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Larry Liu (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Global Public Goods and Coalition Formation under Matching Mechanisms

Date: 10 April
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Gabriela Nodari (PhD Student, University of Verona)
Topic: Estimating Fiscal Multipliers: News from a Non-linear World

Date: 3 April
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Dony Alex (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: Implicit Central Bank Preferences: Nominal GDP and the Great Moderation

Date: 20 March
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Chris Perks (PhD Student, CAMA)
Topic: The (Ir)relevance of Alternative Savings Mechanisms: Borrowing Constraints and the Durable Goods Co-movement Puzzle

Date: 13 February
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Frank Heinemann (Berlin University of Technology)
Topic: Guarantees, transparency and the interdependency between sovereign and banking risk

Date: 6 February
Venue: SR2
Presenter: Stefan Hohberger (PhD student, University of Bayreuth)
Topic: The Sectoral Reallocation of Government Purchases As Budgetary-Neutral Stabilisation Tool: A Model-Based Analysis

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