CAMA Working Paper Series

Nason JM, Tallman EW, October 2012, Business cycles and financial crises: The roles of credit supply and demand shocks paper no. 44/2012.

De Veirman E, Levin AT, October 2012, When did firms become more different? Time-varying firm-specific volatility in Japan paper no. 43/2012.

Siklos PL , September 2012, Sources of disagreement in inflation forecasts: An international empirical investigation paper no. 42/2012.

Dennis R, August 2012, Imperfect credibility and robust monetary policy paper no. 41/2012.

Franta M, Libich J, Stehl P, August 2012, Tracking monetary-fiscal interactions across time and space paper no. 40/2012.

Balli F, Basherz SA, Louis RJ, August 2012, Risk sharing in the Middle East and North Africa: The role of remittances and factor incomes paper no. 39/2012.

Kristoufek L, Janda K, Zilberman D, August 2012, Mutual responsiveness of biofuels, fuels and food prices paper no. 38/2012.

DeGrauwe P, Ji Y, August 2012, Self-fulfilling crises in the Eurozone. An empirical test paper no. 37/2012.

Cooray A, Paradiso A, August 2012, The level and growth effects in empirical growth models for the Nordic countries: A knowledge economy approach paper no. 36/2012.

Krippner L, July 2012, Measuring the stance of monetary policy in zero lower bound environments paper no. 35/2012.

Furlanetto F, Groshenny N, July 2012, Matching efficiency and business cycle fluctuations paper no. 34/2012.

Snowberg E, Wolfers J, Zitzewitz E, July 2012, Prediction markets for economic forecasting paper no. 33/2012.

Fry-McKibbin R, Wanaguru S, June 2012, Currency intervention: A case study of an emerging market paper no. 32/2012.

Pontines V, Siregar R, June 2012, Episodes of large exchange rate appreciations and reserves accumulations in selected Asian economies: Is fear of appreciations justified? paper no. 31/2012.

Kamber G, Smith C, Thoenissen C, June 2012, Financial frictions and the role of investment specific technology shocks in the business cycle paper no. 30/2012.

Kristoufek L, Janda K, Zilberman D, June 2012, Correlations between biofuels and related commodities: A taxonomy perspective paper no. 29/2012.

Aadland D, Shaffer S, June 2012, Time compression paper no. 28/2012.

Vadlamannati KC, Cooray A, June 2012, What drives FDI policy liberalization? An empirical investigation paper no. 27/2012.

Liao Y, June 2012, Does modeling jumps help? A comparision of realized volatility models for risk prediction paper no. 26/2012.

Coatney K, Shaffer S, June 2012, Coerced reciprocal dealing and the leverage theory paper no. 25/2012.


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