CAMA working paper series

Boschi M, Marzo M, Salotti S, May 2013, Domestic versus international determinantes of European business cycles: A GVAR Approach paper no. 28/2013.

Vacha L, Janda K, Kristoufek L, Zilberman D, May 2013, Time-frequency dynamics of biofuels-fuels-food system paper no. 27/2013.

Bradley M D, Jansen D W, Sinclair T M, May 2013, How well does core inflation capture permanent price changes? paper no. 26/2013.

Apergis N, Cooray A, May 2013, Forecasting fiscal variables: Only a strong growth plan can sustain the Greek austerity programs - Evidence from simultaneous and structural models paper no. 25/2013.

Clare A, Seaton J, Smith P N, Thomas S, May 2013, The trend is our friend: Risk parity, momentum and trend following in global asset allocation paper no. 24/2013.

Abhakorn P, Smith P N, Wickerns M, May 2013, What do the Fama-French factors add to CCAPM? paper no. 23/2013.

Velazquez AM, Smith PN, May 2013, Equity returns and the business cycle: The role of supply and demand shocks paper no. 22/2013.

Stevenson B , Wolfers J, May 2013, Subjective well-being and income: Is there any evidence of satiation? paper no. 21/2013.

Nguyen TKC, Siregar RY, April 2013, Inflationary implication of gold price in Vietnam paper no. 20/2013.

Hansen S, Rivera CV, McMahon M, April 2013, How experts decide: Preferences or private assessments on a monetary policy committee? paper no. 19/2013.

Hansen S, McMahon M, April 2013, Estimating Bayesian decision problems with heterogeneous priors paper no. 18/2013.

Stevenson B, Wolfers J, March 2013, Subjective and objective indicators of racial progress paper no. 17/2013.

Tomz M, Wright MLJ, March 2013, Empirical research on sovereign debt and default paper no. 16/2013.

Chan JCC, Hsiao CYL, Fry-McKibbin RA, March 2013, A regime switching skew-normal model for measuring financial drisis and contagion paper no. 15/2013.

McKibbin WJ, Stegman A, March 2013, Long term projections of the world economy? A review paper no. 14/2013.

Cai Y, McKibbin W, March 2013, Uncertainty and international climate change negotiations paper no. 13/2013.

Fujiwara F, Korber LM, Nagakura D, February 2013, Asymmetry in government bond returns paper no. 12/2013.

Aastveit KA, Bjornland HC, February 2013, What drives oil prices? Emerging versus developed economies paper no. 11/2013.

Walker A, Tyers R, February 2013, Quantifying Australia's "three speed" boom paper no. 10/2013.

Hirata H, Kose MA, Otrok C, February 2013, Regionalization vs. globalization paper no. 09/2013.


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