CAMA working paper series

Galimberti J, July 2021, Initial beliefs uncertainty paper no. 68/2021.

Ho SJ, Karagedikli O, July 2021, Effects of monetary policy communication in emerging market economies: Evidence from Malaysia paper no. 67/2021.

Lee H, Lee JW, July 2021, Why East Asian students perform better in mathematics than their peers: An investigation using a machine learning approach paper no. 66/2021.

Ascari G, Haque Q, Magnusson LM, Mavroeidis S, July 2021, Empirical evidence on the Euler equation for investment in the US paper no. 65/2021.

Froyen RT, Guender AV, July 2021, The Mundellian trilemma and optimal monetary policy in a world of high capital mobility paper no. 64/2021.

Dennis R, Kirsanova T, July 2021, Policy biases in a model with labor market frictions paper no. 63/2020.

Elgin C, Yalaman A, Yasar S, July 2021, Democracy and fiscal-policy responses to COVID-19 paper no. 62/2021.

Doko Tchakota F, Haque Q, July 2021, Revisiting the macroeconomic effects of monetary policy shocks paper no. 61/2021.

Bhatta GR, Nepal R, Jayanthakumaran K, Harvie C, July 2021, Impossible trinity in a small open economy: A state-space model informed policy simulation paper no. 60/2021.

Ha J, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, July 2021, One-stop source: A global database of inflation paper no. 59/2021.

Ha J, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, July 2021, Inflation during the pandemic: What happened? What is next? paper no. 58/2021.

Brueckner M, July 2021, Fiscal consolidations paper no. 57/2021.

Bhatta GR, Nepal R, Harvie C, Jayanthakumaran K, July 2021, Testing for uncovered interest parity conditions in a small open economy: A state space modelling approach paper no. 56/2021.

Baumeister C, Leiva-Leon D, Sims E, July 2021, Tracking weekly state-level economic conditions paper no. 55/2021.

Sinclair TM, Xie Z, July 2021, Sentiment and uncertainty about regulation paper no. 54/2021.

Jiang E, July 2021, Interlocking margins: A framework on the interaction of offshoring and outsourcing decisions paper no. 53/2021.

Coroneo L, Iacone F, Paccagnini A, Monteiro PS, July 2021, Testing the predictive accuracy of COVID-19 forecasts paper no. 52/2021.

Proano CR, Makavewicz T, June 2021, Belief-driven dynamics in a behavioral SEIRD macroeconomic model with sceptics paper no. 51/2021.

Arezki R, Brueckner M, June 2021, Between a rock and a hard place: A new perspective on the resource curse paper no. 50/2021.

Aoyama H, Di Guilmi C, Fujiwara Y, Yoshikawa H, June 2021, Dual labor market and the "Phillips curve puzzle" paper no. 49/2021.


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