Media 2009

11 December
CEOs warn on jobs squeeze
The Australian

Business executives warn on jobs squeeze after unemployment peaks
Perth Now

6 December
Abbott challenges Rudd to climate debate
Bigpond News

5 December
Market will determine the cheapest way of cutting emissions
The Australian

3 December
The bursting of the Dubai debt bubble
World Socialist Web Site

Liberals stick to emission targets by other means
The Australian

1 December
Rate-rise dilemma as housing booms
Sydney Morning Herald

Bumpy ride for a world built on shifting sand
Sydney Morning Herald

Housing figures support central bank's case for rate rise
The Australian

Uncertainty continues to rule global markets
Sydney Morning Herald

30 November
Beware stimulus 'bubble'
Herald Sun

Bubble warning ahead of rates decision
ABC News

RBA board member Warwick McKibbin says property bubble emerging
Perth Now

Countries must unwind stimulus: McKibbin

Central banks must tighten rates to stamp on forming bubble, says RBA member McKibbin
The Australian

The Turnbull I know is being wasted
Business Spectator

28 November
Verdict: the bankers never suffered

Pitchfork revolt punctures the carbon bubble
The Australian

25 November
Anna Bligh remains defiant on privaisation asset sales
The Australian

Economists dispute Bligh's claims
The Age

Economists knock Bligh's sell-off bid
The Age

24 November
Economists attack asset sale plan as 'unsound'
Brisbane Times

11 November
Coalition Split Over Emissions Trading Bill
The 7.30 Report

10 October
Focus Climate Talks On Carbon Price
National Journal Magazine

28 Setember
Strategy Levers for an Irrational World (subscription required)
The Australian Financial Review

24 September
Climate Change at the G-20 Summit
Brookings Institution

5 September
PM's next challenge: holding the reins of a soaring economy
The Sydney Morning Herald

5 September
Chinese equity needed to fund our deficits
Brisbane Times

2 September
Emissions targets 'could be supplemented with price collar'
Lateline Business

27 August
Resoures keep recovery going, figures show
The Australian

26 August
Aussies spend stimulus, Yanks save: poll
The Sydney Morning Herald

20 August
Now, Which Country Will Raise Rate First?
The Wall Street Journal

19 August
Australian financial system weathers crisis better than others, says RBA
The Australian

15 August
No Consensus on Viability of ETS over Straight Tax
The Australian

13 August
Japan Earthquakes Remind Investors of Ever-Present Risk
Market Watch

27 July
When Economies Get the Flu
Gulf News

24 July
Time for a Price Collar on Carbon

27 June
World Economy at Risk from H1N1

16 June
Call for Modelling May Delay ETS Vote
The Australian

Minutes of the RBA's June Monetary Policy Meeting
Business Spectator

9 June
Emissions Plan to Hit US Economy: Expert
The Sydney Morning Herald

New Laws Could Shave 2.5% Off US GDP: McKibbin
The Sydney Morning Herald

Emissions Scheme "Bad Economics"
ABC News

ETS Should Wait for Copenhagen
AM program, ABC Radio

Copenhagen Results Unlikely: Economist
The Age

28 May
Swine Flu to Hit One in Five as Virus Continues to Spread
Brisbane Times

27 May
Swine Flu Numbers Will "Soon Be Multiplying"

26 May
Australia's Currency and its Economy Will Benefit from China's Stimulus Package
The Daily Reckoning

RBA Director Warwick McKibbin Says Stimulus Spending Political

RBA Director Warns Stimulus Measures Dominated by Political Agendas
Business Spectator

Politics Driving Stimulus: RBA Director
The Sydney Morning Herald

RBA Director Warwick McKibbin Has Stimulus Doubts
The Australian

7 May
Breathing Space for More Cost-Efficient ETS
The Australian

5 May
The Swine Flu Outbreak and its Global Economic Impact
The Brookings Institution

4 May
Economist Says Government is Heading in the Right Direction
ABC Radio, PM program

2 May
Policy Hits Keep Coming
The Age

1 May
Flu Economics
Council on Foreign Relations

KGB Interrogation: Warwick McKibbin
Business Spectator

Stretched Economies Brace for "$330b Pandemic"
ABC News

30 April
Fears Swine Flu Will Worsen Global Economic Downturn
ABC Radio, PM Program

29 April
There Are Winners and Losers as the Market Catches a Cold
WA Today

Price of Globalisation: Swine Flu Strikes
The Australian

What a Flu Pandemic Could Cost the World

16 April
Bad News From Copenhagen: Climate Beyond Worst Case

15 April
Emissions Scheme "Designed to Fail"
The Canberra Times

8 April
Fed: Consumer Grin Could Quickly Turn to Grimace

Confidence "Key to Avoid Recession"

Room for Optimism as Chinese Foreign Investment Grows
The Australian

4 March
Global Cooling
Business Spectator

14 February
Keynes Out of Drawer
The Australian

13 February
Review for Emissions Plan
The Age

6 February
Egos Stimulated, But What About the National Interest?

Treasury Backs Rudd Rescue Plan
The Sydney Morning Herald

Reserve Bank Director Opposes Package
The Sydney Morning Herald

Q&A: What are the Risks Facing UN Climate Talks?

2 February
RBA Puzzle: Just How Low Should We Go?

1 February
RBA Member Warwick McKibbin Wants Taxes Cut Amid Crisis, Review Reports
Bloomberg News

30 January
Call to Slash GST in Half
The Age

RBA Board Member Calls to Cut GST in Half
Business Spectator

Tax Cuts and GST Reduction Suggested to Kick-Start Economy

29 January
The World Financial Crisis: How Did It Happen?
Podcast of Dr Timo Henckel in a panel discussion.

24 January
Reserve Bank Director Says World Economy is Sick

The Australian

Chinese Slowdown to Cost Australia Billions: PM
Google News

23 January
China Slowdown to Cost A$5b
The Straits Times

21 January
PM Reveals Fears for Australian Business Loans

AM Program, ABC Radio
Dr Timo Henckel interviewed by ABC Radio.

15 January 2009
Climate Expert Urges Larger Emissions Cuts
ABC News

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