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Podcast: The Auspolicy issue – what the country voted for
By Ahrens J, Allen L, Burke P, Henson H, McKibbin W, Cotton B and Grafton Q

Policy matters more than targets
By Warwick McKibbin

How should technocrats count the true costs of cooling the climate?
By Warwick McKibbin

The theory that’s too good to be true
By Warwick McKibbin

The US Labor Market Is Changing Fast — But Job Seekers Are Keeping Up
By Martha Gimbel and Tara Sinclair

Is Australia ready for the next GFC?
By Warwick McKibbin

The Perils of Nationalism in Global Finance
By Chiara Oldani

How countries could respond to Trump’s Trade War
By Warwick McKibbin

Lost inflation
By Rod Tyers

Short-term gain, long-term pain
By Warwick McKibbin and Andrew Stoeckel

The health system is still awaiting modernisation
By Philip Clark and Warwick McKibbin

Trump’s economic plan would be hostage to the almighty dollar - The fraught road ahead for the President’s economic agenda
By Warwcick McKibbin

An uncertain future: Surging US Dollar may shape the world’s fortunes in 2017
By Warwick McKibbin

Climate storm shows political failure
By Warwick McKibbin

The US shale oil revolution requires major reforms in the macroeconomic policy frameworks and institutions in the MENA region
By Kamiar Mohaddes and Mehdi Raissi

Unreal interest rates will not create real demand
By Warwick McKibbin

Big carbon cuts need new policy framework
By Warwick McKibbin

Acting on interest rate uncertainty
By Warwick McKibbin

Targets put Australia in front of climate fight
By Warwick McKibbin

Keeping the status quo is no longer an option
By Warwick McKibbin

Short term pain, long term gain
By Warwick McKibbin

Getting better by design
By Warwick McKibbin

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Professor Warwick McKibbin of Climate Change and Energy, Macroeconomics and Longer Run Issues, and Multi-Country Models and Methods Program.

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