CAMA working paper series

Boschi M, Girardi A, October 2008, The contribution of domestic, regional and international factors to Latin America's business cycle paper no. 33/2008.

Shaffer S, October 2008, Earnings valuation and sources of growth paper no. 32/2008.

Mignone BK, October 2008, Prices in emissions permit markets: The role of investor foresight and capital durability paper no. 31/2008.

Claus I, Sloan B, October 2008, Variable GST: A tool for monetary policy in New Zealand? paper no. 30/2008.

Madsen JB, Saxena S, Ang JB, August 2008, The Indian growth miracle and endogenous growth paper no. 29/2008.

Shaffer S, August 2008, Financial performance of small business loans: Indirect evidence paper no. 28/2008.

Shaffer S, Shogren JF, August 2008, Repeated contests: A general parameterization paper no. 27/2008.

Shaffer S, Collender RN, August 2008, Rural economic performance and federal credit programs paper no. 26/2008.

Shaffer S, August 2008, Strategic risk aversion paper no. 25/2008.

Shaffer S, Hasan I, Zhou M, August 2008, New small firms and dimensions of economic performance paper no. 24/2008.

Siregar R, Goo S, July 2008, Inflation targeting policy: The experiences of Indonesia and Thailand paper no. 23/2008.

Libich J, Stehlik P, July 2008, Fiscal rigidity in a monetary union: The Calvo timing and beyond paper no. 22/2008.

Tyers R, Lu F, July 2008, Competition policy, corporate saving and China's current account surplus paper no. 21/2008.

Eusepi S, Preston B, July 2008, Expectations, learning and business cycle fluctuations paper no. 20/2008.

Dennis R, July 2008, The frequency of price adjustment and New Keynesian business cycle dynamics paper no. 19/2008.

Ang JB, July 2008, Finance and inequality: The case of India paper no. 18/2008.

Orphanides A, Williams JC, July 2008, Learning, expectations formation, and the pitfalls of optimal control monetary policy paper no. 17/2008.

Edge RM, Laubach T, Williams JC, July 2008, Welfare-maximizing monetary policy under parameter uncertainty paper no. 16/2008.

Dungey M, Fry R, Gonzalez-Hermosillo B, Martin VL, Tang C, July 2008, Are financial crises alike? paper no. 15/2008.

McKibbin WJ, Wilcoxen PJ, Woo WT, June 2008, China can grow and still help prevent the tragedy of the CO2 commons paper no. 14/2008.


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