CAMA working paper series

Nason JM, Vahey SP, February 2011, UK World War I and interwar data for business cycle and growth analysis paper no. 02/2011.

Stern D, Kander A, January 2011, The role of energy in the industrial revolution and modern economic growth paper no. 01/2011.

Groshenny N, December 2010, Monetary policy, inflation and unemployment in defense of the Federal Reserve paper no. 37/2010.

Claus E, Claus I, Dorsam M, December 2010, The effects of taxation on migration: Some evidence for the ASEAN and APEC economies paper no. 36/2010.

Booth AL, Katic P, December 2010, Estimating the wage elasticity of labour supply to a firm: What evidence is there for monopsony? paper no. 35/2010.

Garratt A, Mitchell J, Vahey SP, Wakerly EC, December 2010, Real-time inflation forecast densities from ensemble Phillips curves paper no. 34/2010.

Jacobs JPAM, van Norden S, December 2010, Lessons from the latest data on US productivity paper no. 33/2010.

Cooray A, October 2010, Does the size and quality of the government explain the size and efficiency of the financial sector? paper no. 32/2010.

Kano T, Nason JM, October 2010, Business cycle implications of internal consumption habit for New Keynesian models paper no. 31/2010.

Tyers R, Zhang Y, October 2010, Appreciating the renminbi paper no. 30/2010.

Henckel T, Menzies GD, Prokhovnik N, Zizzo DJ, October 2010, Barro-Gordon revisited: Reputational equilibria with inferential expectations paper no. 29/2010.

Pang K, Siklos PL, October 2010, Financial frictions and credit spreads paper no. 28/2010.

Berka M, Crucini MJ, September 2010, The consumption terms of trade and commodity prices paper no. 27/2010.

Berrospide JM, Edge RM, September 2010, The effects of bank capital on lending: What do we know, and what does it mean? paper no. 26/2010.

Harding D, September 2010, Applying shape and phase restrictions in generalized dynamic categorical models of the business cycle paper no. 25/2010.

McKibbin WJ, Morris AC, Wilcoxen PJ, September 2010, Comparing climate commitments: A model-based analysis of the Copenhagen accord paper no. 24/2010.

Siklos PL , September 2010, Central bank transparency: Another look paper no. 23/2010.

Pagan A, Fry R, July 2010, Sign restrictions in structural vector autoregressions: A critical review paper no. 22/2010.

Claus I, Creedy J, Teng J, July 2010, The elasticity of taxable income in New Zealand paper no. 21/2010.

Eusepi S, Preston B, July 2010, Debt, policy uncertainty and expectations stabilization paper no. 20/2010.


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