CAMA working paper series

Janda K, Kristoufek L, Zhang B, February 2022, Return and volatility spillovers between Chinese and US clean energy related stocks paper no. 17/2022.

Head A, Kam T, Ng S, Pan I, February 2022, Money, credit and imperfect competition among banks paper no. 16/2022.

Tchatoka FD, Haque Q, Terrell M, February 2022, Monetary policy shocks and exchange rate dynamics in small open economies paper no. 15/2022.

Kudrna G, Piggott J, Poonpolkul P, February 2022, Extending pension policy in emerging Asia: An overlapping-generations model analysis for Indonesia paper no. 14/2022.

Batsuuri T, February 2022, Children matter: Global imbalances and the economics of demographic transition paper no. 13/2022.

Chen H, Siklos P, February 2022, Central bank digital currency: A review and some macro-financial implications paper no. 12/2022.

Detmers GA, Ho S-J, Karagedikli O, February 2022, Understanding consumer inflation expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic paper no. 11/2022.

Mohaddes K, Ng RNC, Pesaran MH, Raissi M, Yang J-C, January 2022, Climate change and economic activity: Evidence from US states paper no. 10/2022.

Madsen JB, Robertson PE, Ye L, January 2022, Lives versus livelihoods in the middle ages: The impact of the plague on markets over 400 years paper no. 09/2022.

Ferrara L, Karadimitropoulou A, Triantafyllou A, January 2022, Commodity price uncertainty comovement: Does it matter for global economic growth? paper no. 08/2022.

Bahal G, Lenzo D, January 2022, How production networks amplify shocks paper no. 07/2022.

Gortz C, Theodoridis K, Thoenissen C, January 2022, The anatomy of small open economy trends paper no. 06/2022.

Yew SL, Li SM, Moslehi S, January 2022, Optimal parental leave subsidization with endogenous fertility and growth paper no. 05/2022.

Calonaci F, Kapetanios G, Price S, January 2022, Stock returns predictability with unstable predictors paper no. 04/2022.

Kano K, Kano T, January 2022, Welfare costs of exchange rate fluctuations: Evidence from the 1972 Okinawa reversion paper no. 03/2022.

Morley J, Tran TD, Wong B, January 2022, A Simple Correction for Misspecification in Trend-Cycle Decompositions with an Application to Estimating r* paper no. 02/2022. An earlier version is available as 2a/2022.

Yang L, Lahiri K, Pagan A, January 2022, Getting the ROC into Sync paper no. 01/2022.

Gortz C, Yeromonahos M, December 2021, Asymmetries in risk premia, macroeconomic uncertainty and business cycles paper no. 101/2021.

Brueckner M, Kang W, Vespignani J, December 2021, COVID-19 and firms’ stock price growth: The role of market capitalization paper no. 100/2021.

Kose MA, Nagle P, Ohnsorge F, Sugawara N, December 2021, What has been the impact of COVID-19 on debt? Turning a wave into a tsunami paper no. 99/2021.


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