CAMA working paper series

Ang JB, McKibbin WJ, May 2005, Financial liberalization, financial sector development and growth: Evidence from Malaysia paper no. 05/2005.

Claus I, May 2005, The effects of bank lending in an open economy paper no. 04/2005.

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Felipe J, McCombie JSL, October 2004, Is a theory of total factor productivity really needed? paper no. 12/2004.

Felipe J, Adams FG, September 2004, "A theory of production" the estimation of the Cobb-Douglas function: A retrospective view paper no. 11/2004.

Felipe J, McCombie JSL, September 2004, On the rental price of capital and the profit rate: The perils and pitfalls of total factor productivity growth paper no. 10/2004.

Felipe J, McCombie JSL, August 2004, Why are some countries richer than others? A skeptical view of the Mankiw-Romer-Weil's test of the Neoclassical growth model paper no. 09/2004.

Jha R, August 2004, Macroeconomic stabilization and pro-poor budgetary policy in the globalized economy paper no. 08/2004.

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McKibbin WJ, Pearce D, Stegman A, June 2004, Long run projections for climate change scenarios paper no. 01/2004.


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