CAMA working paper series

Krippner L, July 2012, Measuring the stance of monetary policy in zero lower bound environments paper no. 35/2012.

Furlanetto F, Groshenny N, July 2012, Matching efficiency and business cycle fluctuations paper no. 34/2012.

Snowberg E, Wolfers J, Zitzewitz E, July 2012, Prediction markets for economic forecasting paper no. 33/2012.

Fry-McKibbin R, Wanaguru S, June 2012, Currency intervention: A case study of an emerging market paper no. 32/2012.

Pontines V, Siregar R, June 2012, Episodes of large exchange rate appreciations and reserves accumulations in selected Asian economies: Is fear of appreciations justified? paper no. 31/2012.

Kamber G, Smith C, Thoenissen C, June 2012, Financial frictions and the role of investment specific technology shocks in the business cycle paper no. 30/2012.

Kristoufek L, Janda K, Zilberman D, June 2012, Correlations between biofuels and related commodities: A taxonomy perspective paper no. 29/2012.

Aadland D, Shaffer S, June 2012, Time compression paper no. 28/2012.

Vadlamannati KC, Cooray A, June 2012, What drives FDI policy liberalization? An empirical investigation paper no. 27/2012.

Liao Y, June 2012, Does modeling jumps help? A comparision of realized volatility models for risk prediction paper no. 26/2012.

Coatney K, Shaffer S, June 2012, Coerced reciprocal dealing and the leverage theory paper no. 25/2012.

Fedenia M, Shaffer S, Skiba H, June 2012, Information immobility, industry concentration, and institutional investor's performance paper no. 24/2012.

Shaffer S, June 2012, Bank failure risk: Different now? paper no. 23/2012.

Shaffer S, June 2012, Reciprocal deposits and incremental bank risk paper no. 22/2012.

Kumru CS, Piggott J, June 2012, Optimal capital income taxation with means-tested benefits paper no. 21/2012.

Boschi M, d'Addona S, Goenka A, May 2012, Testing external habits in an asset pricing model paper no. 20/2012.

Benati L, Lubik TA, April 2012, Sales, inventories, and real interest rates: A century of stylized facts paper no. 19/2012.

Chan JCC, Eisenstat E, April 2012, Marginal likelihood estimation with the cross-entropy method paper no. 18/2012.

Fujiwara I, Ueda K, April 2012, The fiscal multiplier and spillover in a global liquidity trap paper no. 17/2012.

Dungey M, Jacobs JPAM, Tian J, vanNorden S, March 2012, On the correspondence between data revision and trend-cycle decomposition paper no. 16/2012.


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