CAMA working paper series

Hansen S, McMahon M, April 2013, Estimating Bayesian decision problems with heterogeneous priors paper no. 18/2013.

Stevenson B, Wolfers J, March 2013, Subjective and objective indicators of racial progress paper no. 17/2013.

Tomz M, Wright MLJ, March 2013, Empirical research on sovereign debt and default paper no. 16/2013.

Chan JCC, Hsiao CYL, Fry-McKibbin RA, March 2013, A regime switching skew-normal model for measuring financial drisis and contagion paper no. 15/2013.

McKibbin WJ, Stegman A, March 2013, Long term projections of the world economy? A review paper no. 14/2013.

Cai Y, McKibbin W, March 2013, Uncertainty and international climate change negotiations paper no. 13/2013.

Fujiwara F, Korber LM, Nagakura D, February 2013, Asymmetry in government bond returns paper no. 12/2013.

Aastveit KA, Bjornland HC, February 2013, What drives oil prices? Emerging versus developed economies paper no. 11/2013.

Walker A, Tyers R, February 2013, Quantifying Australia's "three speed" boom paper no. 10/2013.

Hirata H, Kose MA, Otrok C, February 2013, Regionalization vs. globalization paper no. 09/2013.

Morris AC, McKibbin WJ, Wilcoxen PJ, February 2013, A climate diplomacy proposal: Carbon pricing consultations paper no. 08/2013.

Hirata H, Kose MA, Otrok C, Terrones ME, February 2013, Global house price fluctuations: Synchronization and determinants paper no. 07/2013.

Claessens S, Kose MA, February 2013, Financial crises: Explanations, types and implications paper no. 06/2013.

Claessens S, Kose MA, Laeven L, Valencia F, February 2013, Understanding financial crises: Causes, consequences, and policy responses paper no. 05/2013.

Parkyn O, Vehbi T, February 2013, The effects of fiscal policy in New Zealand: Evidence from a VAR model with debt constraints paper no. 04/2013.

Wolfers J, Sacks DW, Stevenson B, January 2013, The new stylized facts about income and subjective well-being paper no. 03/2013.

Balli F, Basher SA, Balli HO, January 2013, International income risk-sharing and the global financial crisis of 2008- 2009 paper no. 02/2013.

Stern DI, Enflo K, January 2013, Causality between energy and output in the long-run paper no. 01/2013.

Hambusch G, Shaffer S, December 2012, Forecasting bank leverage paper no. 56/2012.

McKibbin WJ, Morris AC, Wilcoxen PJ, December 2012, Bridging the gap: Integrating price mechanisms into international climate negotiations paper no. 55/2012.


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