CAMA working paper series

Guénette, J, Kose, MA, Sugawara, N, September 2022, Is a Global Recession Imminent? paper no. 55/2022.

Day, C, September 2022, Increasing Inequality and Voting for Basic Income: Could Gender Inequality Worsen? paper no. 54/2022.

Görtz, C, Gunn, C, Lubik, T, September 2022, What Drives Inventory Accumulation? News on Rates of Return and Marginal Costs paper no. 53/2022.

Buncic, D, Pagan, A, September 2022, Discovering Stars: Problems in Recovering Latent Variables from Models paper no. 52/2022.

Meeks, R, Monti, F, September 2022, Heterogeneous Beliefs and the Phillips Curve paper no. 51/2022.

Chowdhury, R, August 2022, Resource Dependence, Commodity Shocks and the Role of the Exchange Rate: An Empirical Study of Papua New Guinea paper no. 50/2022.

Feldkircher, M, Hofmarcher, P, Siklos, PL, August 2022, Cacophony in Central Banking? Evidence from Euro Area Speeches on Monetary Policy paper no. 49/2022.

Tong, E, August 2022, The Repercussions of War Risks paper no. 48/2022.

Bellofatto, AA, Domínguez, B, Dwyer, E, August 2022, Uncovering the Urban Advantage of Australian Firms: New Evidence from BLADE Data paper no. 47/2022.

Ghassibe, M, Zanetti, F, August 2022, State Dependence of Fiscal Multipliers: The Source of Fluctuations Matters paper no. 46/2022.

Hall, VB, Thomson, P, August 2022, A boosted HP filter for business cycle analysis: evidence from New Zealand's small open economy. paper no. 45/2022.

Yildirim, J, Öcal, N, Alpaslan, B, August 2022, The Determinants of Provincial Public Health Expenditures in Turkey: Evidence from a Spatial Data Analysis paper no. 44/2022.

Dahal, S, July 2022, Effect of remittances on the macroeconomy: A Structural VAR study of Nepal paper no. 43/2022.

Batsuuri, T, July 2022, Globalized economy and national policies: Issues in comparing carbon emissions mitigation efforts under demographic and institutional asymmetry paper no. 42/2022.

Ha, J, Kose, M.A, Ohnsorge, F, June 2022, Global Stagflation paper no. 41/2022.

Dominguez, B, Gomis-Porqueras, P, May 2022, Normalizing the central bank’s balance sheet: Implications for inflation and debt dynamics paper no. 39/2022.

Janda, K, Kortusova, A, Zhang, B, May 2022, Estimation of green bond premiums in the Chinese secondary market paper no. 38/2022.

Lieberknecht, P, Vermeulen, P, May 2022, Wealth and income inequality in the long run paper no. 37/2022.

Watson, T, Tervala, J, Sainsbury, T, May 2022, The JobKeeper payment: How good are wage subsidies? paper no. 36/2022.

De Grauwe P, Ji Y, May 2022, Trust and monetary policy paper no. 35/2022.


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