CAMA working paper series

Guender AV, McHugh-Smith H, January 2023, Financial Openness and Inflation: Recent Evidence paper no. 02/2023.

Cavalcanti T, Mohaddes K, Nian H, Yin H, January 2023, Air Pollution and Firm-Level Human Capital, Knowledge and Innovation paper no. 01/2023.

Kanelis D, Siklos PL, December 2022, Emotion in Euro Area Monetary Policy Communication and Bond Yields: The Draghi Era paper no. 75/2022.

Eickmeier S, Hofmann B, December 2022, What drives inflation? Disentangling Demand and Supply Factors paper no. 74/2022.

Adobo FM, Alpaslan B, November 2022, Gender Equality, Economic Growth and Poverty in Côte d’Ivoire: A Quantitative Analysis paper no. 73/2022.

Goswami M, Pontines V, Mohammed Y, November 2022, Portfolio Capital Flows and the US Dollar Exchange Rate: Viewed from the Lens of Time and Frequency Dynamics of Connectedness  paper no. 72/2022.

Di Guilmi C, Galanis G, Proaño CR, November 2022, A Baseline Model of Behavioral Political Cycles and Macroeconomic Fluctuations paper no. 71/2022.

Aastveit KA, Bjørnland HC, Gundersen TS, November 2022, The Price Responsiveness of Shale Producers: Evidence from Micro Data  paper no. 70/2022.

Castelnuovo E, Lorenzo M, October 2022, Uncertainty, Skewness and the Business Cycle - Through the MIDAS Lens paper no. 69/2022.

Ikeda D, Li S, Mavroeidis S, Zanetti F, October 2022, Testing the Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy in Japan and the United States paper no. 68/2022.

Mercado R, Pontines V, October 2022, Which Financial Inclusion Indicators and Dimensions Matter for Income Inequality? A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach  paper no. 67/2022.

Sedai AK, Mudenda LD, Miller R, October 2022, Persistent Agricultural Shocks and Child Poverty: Evidence from Ethiopia  paper no. 66/2022.

Nguyen BH, Zhang B, October 2022, Forecasting Oil Prices: Can Large BVARs Help?  paper no. 65/2022.

Choi S, Ciminelli G, Furceri D, October 2022, Is Domestic Uncertainty a Local Pull Factor Driving Foreign Capital Inflows? New Cross-Country Evidence paper no. 64/2022.

Pezzey J, October 2022, Adjusted Net Saving Needs Further Adjusting: Reassessing Human and Resource Factors in Sustainability Measurement paper no. 63/2022.

Castelnuovo E, Tuzcuoglu K, Uzeda L, October 2022, Sectoral Uncertainty paper no. 62/2022.

Jones C, Kulish M, Morley J, October 2022, A Structural Measure of the Shadow Federal Funds Rate paper no. 61/2022.

Bahal G, Jenkins C, Lenzo D, September 2022, The Effect of Supply Base Diversification on the Propagation of Shocks paper no. 60/2022.

Bahal G, Lenzo D, September 2022, Aggregate Fluctuations, Network Effects and Covid-19 paper no. 59/2022.

Watson T, Tervala J, September 2022, Building the Education Revolution: The Employment Effects of Fiscal Stimulus in Australia  paper no. 58/2022.


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