CAMA working paper series

Naeem MA, Peng Z, Suleman MT, Nepal R, Shahzad SJH, September 2020, Time and frequency connectedness among oil shocks, electricity and clean energy markets paper no. 81/2020.

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Caggiano G, Castelnuovo E, Nodari G, August 2020, Uncertainty and monetary policy in good and bad times: A Replication of the VAR investigation by Bloom (2009) paper no. 74/2020.

August 2020, Uncertainty and monetary policy in good and bad times: A replication of the VAR investigation by Bloom (2009) paper no. 74/2020.

Lie D, August 2020, Implications of state-dependent pricing for DSGE model-based policy analysis in Indonesia paper no. 73/2020.

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Hall VB, Thomson P, July 2020, Does Hamilton’s OLS regression provide a “better alternative” to the Hodrick-Prescott filter? A New Zealand business cycle perspective paper no. 71/2020.

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Larson WD, Sinclair TM, July 2020, Nowcasting unemployment insurance claims in the time of COVID-19 paper no. 63/2020.


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