CAMA working paper series

Kang W, Ratti RA, Yoon KH, August 2015, Time-varying effect of oil market shocks on the stock market paper no. 35/2015.

Day C, August 2015, Fertility and housing paper no. 34/2015.

Dozsa M, Janda K, August 2015, Corporate asset pricing models and debt contracts paper no. 33/2015.

Chan JCC, Eisenstat E, August 2015, Bayesian model comparison for time-varying parameter VARs with stochastic volatility paper no. 32/2015.

Chan JCC, Grant AL, August 2015, A Bayesian model comparison for trend-cycle decompositions of output paper no. 31/2015.

McKibbin WJ, Morris A, Wilcoxen PJ, August 2015, Controlling carbon emissions from U.S. power plants: how a tradable performance standard compares to a carbon tax paper no. 30/2015.

Tyers R, August 2015, Slower growth and vulnerability to recession: updating China’s global impact paper no. 29/2015.

Havranek T, Irsova Z, Janda K, Zilberman D, August 2015, Selective reporting and the social cost of carbon paper no. 28/2015.

Ratti RA, Vespignani JL, July 2015, What drives the global official/policy interest rate? paper no. 27/2015.

Lu Y, July 2015, China’s electrical equipment manufacturing in the Global Value Chain: A GVC income analysis based on World Input-Output Database (WIOD) paper no. 26/2015.

Abeln B, Jacobs JPAM, July 2015, Seasonal adjustment with and without revisions: A comparison of X-13ARIMA-SEATS and CAMPLET paper no. 25/2015.

Vadlamannati KC, Cooray A, July 2015, Do transparency initiatives work? Assessing the impact of the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) on data transparency paper no. 24/2015.

Baffes J, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, Stocker M, June 2015, The great plunge in oil prices: causes, consequences, and policy responses paper no. 23/2015.

Bruns SB, Stern DI, June 2015, Meta-Granger causality testing paper no. 22/2015.

Kitney P, June 2015, Does the central bank respond to credit market factors? A Bayesian DSGE approach paper no. 21/2015.

Chan JCC, Grant AL, June 2015, Modeling energy price dynamics: GARCH versus stochastic volatility paper no. 20/2015.

Chan JCC, Eisenstat E, June 2015, Efficient estimation of Bayesian VARMAs with time-varying coefficients paper no. 19/2015.

Davies M, June 2015, Technology transfer and North-South paper no. 18/2015.

Furlanetto F, Groshenny N, June 2015, Mismatch shocks and unemployment during the Great Recession paper no. 17/2015.

Azwar P, Tyers R, May 2015, Indonesian macro policy through two crises paper no. 16/2015.


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