CAMA working paper series

Bjornland HC, Ravazzolo F, Thorsrud LA, May 2016, Forecasting GDP with global components. This time is different paper no. 26/2016.

Fry-McKibbin R, Zheng J, May 2016, Effects of US monetary policy shocks during financial crises - A threshold vector autoregression approach paper no. 25/2016.

Bodenstein M, Kamber G, Thoenissen C, May 2016, Commodity prices and labour market dynamics in small open economies paper no. 24/2016.

Jacob P, Munro A, May 2016, A macroprudential stable funding requirement and monetary policy in a small open economy paper no. 23/2016.

Islamaj E, Kose MA, May 2016, How does the sensitivity of consumption to income vary over time? International evidence paper no. 22/2016.

Tomioka K, Tyers R, May 2016, Has foreign growth contributed to stagnation and inequality in Japan? paper no. 21/2016.

Brueckner M, May 2016, Rent extraction by capitalists paper no. 20/2016.

Moro A, Moleshi S, Tanaka S, April 2016, Does home production drive structural transformation? paper no. 19/2016.

Cudre S, Hoffmann M, April 2016, A provincial view of global imbalances: regional capital flows in China paper no. 18/2016.

Jacob P, Uuskula L, April 2016, Deep habits and exchange rate pass-through paper no. 17/2016.

Catalano M, Di Guilmi C, April 2016, Uncertainty, rationality and complexity in a multi sectoral dynamic model: the Dynamic Stochastic Generalized Aggregation approach paper no. 16/2016.

Spierdjk L, Shaffer S, Considine T, April 2016, Adapting to changing input prices in response to the crisis: The case of US commercial banks paper no. 15/2016.

Fujiwara I, Kam T, Sunakawa T, April 2016, Sustainable international monetary policy cooperation paper no. 14/2016.

De S, Islamaj E, Kose MA, Yousefi SR, March 2016, Remittances over the business cycle: theory and evidence paper no. 13/2016.

Golley J, Tyers R, Zhou Y, March 2016, Contractions in Chinese fertility and savings: long run domestic and global implications paper no. 12/2016.

Kawamura K, Kobashi Y, Shizume M, Ueda K, March 2016, Strategic central bank communication: discourse and game-theoretic analyses of the Bank of Japan's Monthly Report paper no. 11/2016.

Kollmann R, Pataracchia B, Raciborski R, Ratto M, Roeger W, Vogel L, February 2016, The post-crisis slump in the Euro area and the US: evidence from an estimated three-region DSGE model paper no. 10/2016.

Ohashi K, Okimoto T, February 2016, Increasing trends in the excess comovement of commodity prices paper no. 09/2016.

Brueckner M, Kraipornsak P, February 2016, Determinants of economic growth in South East Asia: an analysis for the first decade of the third millennium paper no. 08/2016.

Eusepi S, Preston B, February 2016, The science of monetary policy: an imperfect knowledge perspective paper no. 07/2016.


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