CAMA working paper series

Hoffmann M, Stewen I, February 2016, Holes in the Dike: the global savings glut, U.S. house prices and the long shadow of banking deregulation paper no. 06/2016.

Kang W, Ratti RA, Vespignani JL, January 2016, The implications of liquidity expansion in China for the US dollar paper no. 05/2016.

Hansen S, McMahon M, January 2016, Shocking language: understanding the macroeconomic effects of central bank communication paper no. 04/2016.

Asano A, Tyers R, January 2016, Japan’s oligopolies: potential gains from third arrow reforms paper no. 03/2016.

Tchatoka FD, Groshenny N, Haque Q, Weder M, January 2016, Monetary policy and indeterminacy after the 2001 slump paper no. 02/2016.

Didier T, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, Ye LS, January 2016, Slowdown in emerging markets: rough patch or prolonged weakness? paper no. 01/2016.

Krippner L, December 2015, A comment on Wu and Xia (2015), and the case for two-factor Shadow Short Rates paper no. 48/2015.

Bhattarai S, Chatterjee A, Park WY, December 2015, Effects of US quantitative easing on emerging market economies paper no. 47/2015.

Hirose Y, Sunakawa T, November 2015, Parameter bias in an estimated DSGE model: does nonlinearity matter? paper no. 46/2015.

Oikawa K, Ueda K, November 2015, Short- and long-run tradeoff monetary easing paper no. 45/2015.

Kollmann R, November 2015, Risk sharing in a world economy with uncertainty shocks paper no. 44/2015.

Fantini G, Oldani C, November 2015, Italian ordinary statute regions and derivatives paper no. 43/2015.

Chan JCC, November 2015, Specification tests for time-varying parameter models with stochastic volatility paper no. 42/2015.

Chan JCC, November 2015, Large Bayesian VARs: A flexible Kronecker error covariance structure paper no. 41/2015.

Fry-McKibbin R, Hsiao CYL, November 2015, Extremal dependence tests for contagion paper no. 40/2015.

Spicer A, Stavrunova O, Thorp S, November 2015, How portfolios evolve after retirement: evidence from Australia paper no. 39/2015.

Butt N, Churm R, McMahon M, Morotz A, Schanz J, October 2015, QE and the bank lending channel in the United Kingdom paper no. 38/2015.

Arteta C, Kose MA, Ohnsorge F, Stocker M, October 2015, The coming US interest rate tightening cycle: smooth sailing or stormy waters? paper no. 37/2015.

Gibbs CG, Kulish M, September 2015, Disinflations in a model of imperfectly anchored expectations paper no. 36/2015.

Kang W, Ratti RA, Yoon KH, August 2015, Time-varying effect of oil market shocks on the stock market paper no. 35/2015.


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