CAMA working paper series

Abbate A, Eickmeier S, Prieto E, September 2016, Financial shocks and inflation dynamics paper no. 53/2016.

Docherty P, Bird R, Henckel T, Menzies G, August 2016, Australian prudential regulation before and after the global financial crisis paper no. 49/2016.

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Benedict C, Crucini M, Landry A, August 2016, On what states do prices depend? Answers from Ecuador paper no. 51/2016.

Chen K, Crucini M, August 2016, Trends and cycles in small open economies: Making the case for a general equilibrium approach paper no. 50/2016.

Krebs T, Kuhn M, Wright M, August 2016, Insurance in human capital models with limited enforcement paper no. 48/2016.

Breunig R, Majeed O, July 2016, Inequality or poverty: Which is bad for growth? paper no. 43/2016.

Brueckner M, Hansl B, July 2016, Drivers of growth in Russia paper no. 42/2016.

Tien P-L, Sinclair TM, Gamber EN, July 2016, Do Fed forecast errors matter? paper no. 47/2016.

Shi S, July 2016, Speculative bubbles or market fundamentals? An investigation of US regional housing markets paper no. 46/2016.

Chan JCC, Grant AL, July 2016, Reconciling output gaps: Unobserved components model and Hodrick-Prescott filter paper no. 44/2016.

Burke P, Csereklyei Z, July 2016, Understanding the energy-GDP elasticity: A sectoral approach paper no. 45/2016.

Kitney P, July 2016, Financial factors and monetary policy: Determinacy and learnability of equilibrium paper no. 41/2016.

McDonald C, Thamotheram C, Vahey SP, Wakerly EC, June 2016, Assessing the economic value of probabilistic forecasts in the presence of an inflation target paper no. 40/2016.

Kang W, Ratti RA, Vespignani JL, June 2016, Global uncertainty and the global economy: Decomposing the impact of uncertainty shocks paper no. 39/2016.

Lu Y, Liu Y, Zhou M, June 2016, Rebound effect of improved energy efficiency for different energy types: A general equilibrium analysis for China paper no. 38/2016.

Fujiwara I, Kam T, Sunakawa T, June 2016, A note on imperfect credibility paper no. 37/2016.

Brueckner M, Carneiro F, June 2016, Terms of trade volatility, government spending cyclicality, and economic growth paper no. 36/2016.

Huidrom R, Kose MA, Lim JJ, Ohnsorge FL, June 2016, Do fiscal multipliers depend on fiscal positions? paper no. 35/2016.

Huidrom R, Kose MA, Ohnsorge FL, June 2016, Challenges of fiscal policy in emerging and developing economies paper no. 34/2016.


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