CAMA working paper series

Coroneo L, Iacone F, Paccagnini A, Monteiro PS, July 2021, Testing the predictive accuracy of COVID-19 forecasts paper no. 52/2021.

Proano CR, Makavewicz T, June 2021, Belief-driven dynamics in a behavioral SEIRD macroeconomic model with sceptics paper no. 51/2021.

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Aoyama H, Di Guilmi C, Fujiwara Y, Yoshikawa H, June 2021, Dual labor market and the "Phillips curve puzzle" paper no. 49/2021.

Shintani M, Ueda K, June 2021, Identifying the source of information rigidities in the expectations formation process paper no. 48/2021.

Hassan G, Mahmud S, June 2021, Health expenditures, remittances, and climate vulnerability: Evidence from Bangladesh paper no. 47/2021.

Watson T, Tervala J, June 2021, Hysteresis and full employment in a small open economy paper no. 46/2021.

Reid M, Odendaal H, Siklos PL, Du Plessis S, May 2021, Priming in inflation expectations surveys paper no. 45/2021.

Siklos PL, Stefan M, May 2021, Exchange rate shocks in multicurrency interbank markets paper no. 44/2021.

Miller R, Sedai AK, April 2021, Opportunity costs of unpaid caregiving: Evidence from panel time diaries paper no. 43/2021.

Anderson MA, Davies MH, Signoret JE, Smith SLS, April 2021, Indian buyers in global markets: Quality, prices, and productivity paper no. 42/2021.

Booth AL, Nolen P, April 2021, Gender and psychological pressure in competitive environments paper no. 41/2021.

Crucini MJ, Shintani M, Tsuruga T, April 2021, A behavioral explanation for the puzzling persistence of the aggregate real exchange rate paper no. 40/2021.

Crucini MJ, O'Flaherty O, April 2021, Stay-at-home orders in a fiscal union paper no. 39/2021.

Ferrara L, Metelli L, Natoli F, Siena D, April 2021, Questioning the puzzle: fiscal policy, real exchange rate and inflation paper no. 38/2021.

Fernando R, Liu W, McKibbin WJ, April 2021, Global economic impacts of climate shocks, climate policy and changes in climate risk assessment paper no. 37/2021.

Fry-McKibbin R, Greenwood-Nimmo M, Hsiao CYL, Qi L, April 2021, Higher-order comoment contagion among G20 equity markets during the COVID-19 pandemic paper no. 36/2021.

Saleem SAA, Smith PN, Yalaman A, March 2021, Analysis of systematic risk around firm-specific news in an emerging market using high frequency data paper no. 35/2021.

Klusak P, Agarwala M, Burke M, Kraemer M, Mohaddes K, March 2021, Rising temperatures, falling ratings: The effect of climate change on sovereign creditworthiness paper no. 34/2021.

Spierdijk L, IJtsma P, Shaffer S, March 2021, US banking deregulation and local economic growth: A spatial analysis paper no. 33/2021.


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