CAMA/Treasury Conference 2017

Date: 21-22 August
Location: Hyatt Hotel, Canberra
Topic: Structural Changes in the Global Economy: Trends, Puzzles and Implications
Program: The program can be found here

Day 1

The Chinese economy: long-run structural shifts

• How will the Chinese economy manage structural reform and debt dynamics?
• What will be the effects of ageing on the Chinese economy?

Global trade: recent trends and future projections

• What has caused the slowing in global trade?
• What are the long-term prospects for global trade?

Long-run decline in the natural rate of interest: the drivers of structural change

• What factors may be contributing to the long-run decline in the natural rate of interest?
• What can we expect to happen to the natural rate of interest over the next decade

Global productivity trends: understanding the recent slowdown

• What role are factors such as declining business dynamism and deleveraging playing in the recent slowdown?
• Is the world confronting a long-term slowdown in productivity?

Day 2

Global inflation trends: understanding the recent subdued inflation rates

• What structural drivers are behind the recent subdued global inflation rates?
• Is the flattening of global Phillips curves a temporary phenomenon?

Global labour markets: the global financial crisis and structural unemployment rates

• How much slack exists in global labour markets and what impact is this having on wages?
• Are global labour markets operating differently than they have in the past?

Global macroeconomic policy settings

• Has the Great Moderation caused the world to overestimate the success of modern macro policy?
• What monetary and fiscal policy mix will be appropriate over the next 5 to 10 years?

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