CAMA Publications


Behavioural Macroeconomics and Complexity program

• Cohen SN, Henckel T, Menzies GD, Muhle-Karbe J, Zizzo DJ, 2019, ‘Switching cost models as hypothesis tests’. Economics Letters (forthcoming). (CAMA WP 40/2018).
Henckel T, Menzies G, Moffatt P and Zizzo D, 2019, ‘Three Dimensions of Central Bank Credibility and Inferential Expectations: The Euro Zone’. Journal of Macroeconomics (forthcoming). • McDonald IM, 2019, ‘John Maynard Keynes, Joan Robinson and the prospect theory approach to money wage determination’, Metroeconomica, 70, 1, 45-67.

Climate Change and Energy program

• Best R, Burke P and Jotzo F, 2019, ‘Closures of coal‐fired power stations in Australia: Local unemployment effects’, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 62(1), 142–165.
Burke P, Liao H and Teng M, 2019, ‘The demand for coal among China’s rural households: Estimates of price and income elasticities’, Energy Economics 80, 928–936.
• Halog A, Indra M and Nepal R, 2019, ‘Renewable Energy Projections for Climate Change Mitigation: An Analysis of Uncertainty and Errors’, Renewable Energy, Vol. 130, pp. 536-546, 2019 (CAMA WP 74/2017).
Nepal R and Paija N, 2019, ‘A Multivariate Time Series Analysis of Energy Consumption, Real output and Pollutant Emissions in a Developing Economy: New Evidence from Nepal’, Economic Modelling,

Commodities and the Macroeconomy program

• Jarrett U, Mohaddes K and Mohtadi H, 2019, ‘Oil Price Volatility, Financial Institutions and Economic Growth’, Energy Policy 126, pp. 131–144.
Nguyen BH and Tatsuyoshi O, 2019, ‘Asymmetric Reactions of the U.S. Natural Gas Market and Economic Activity’. Energy Economics 80, 86-99.

Finance and the Macroeconomy program

• Abeln B, Jacobs JPAM and Ouwehand P, 2019, CAMPLET: ‘Seasonal adjustment without revisions’. Journal of Business Cycle Research (forthcoming).
• Bowden M, Nguyen J and Valadkhani A, 2019, ‘Pathways to reduce CO2 emissions as countries proceed through stages of economic development’, Energy Policy (forthcoming).
• Goldewijk GMK, Jacobs JPAM, Jongman WM, 2019, ‘Health and Wealth in the Roman Empire’. Economics and Human Biology (forthcoming).
Greenwood-Nimmo MJ, Huang J and Nguyen VH, 2019, ‘Financial sector bailouts, sovereign bailouts, and the transfer of credit risk’, Journal of Financial Markets (forthcoming).
• Hindrayanto I, Jacobs JPAM, Osborn DR and Tian J, 2019, ‘Trend-cycle-seasonal interactions: identification and estimation’. Macroeconomic Dynamics (forthcoming). doi: 10.1017/S1365100517001092.
Jacobs JPAM, Haan L and Panjer N, 2019, Is fiscal policy in the euro area Ricardian? Empirica. doi/org/10.1007/s10663-019-09431-y.
• Nguyen J, Smyth R and Valadkhani A, 2019, ‘Effects of primary energy consumption on CO2 emissions under optimal thresholds: Evidence from sixty countries over the last half century’, Energy Economics (forthcoming).
Okimoto T, 2019, ‘Trend Inflation and Monetary Policy Regimes in Japan’. Journal of International Money and Finance 92, 137-152.
Pontines V and Siregar RY, 2019, ‘Non-core liabilities and interest rate pass-through: bank-level evidence from Indonesia’, Applied Economics, Vol. 51, Issue No. 25 (CAMA WP 78/2017)

Macroeconomic Policy Frameworks program

• Janku J, Libich J, ‘Ignorance isn’t bliss: Uninformed voters drive budget cycles.’ Journal of Public Economics (forthcoming). (CAMA WP 2/2018).
• Kawamura K, Kobashi Y, Shizume M and Ueda K, ‘Strategic Central Bank Communication: Discourse Analysis of the Bank of Japan’s Monthly Report,’ Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 100, 230-250, 2019.
Makin A, Pearce J and Ratnasiri S, 2019, ‘The Optimal Size of Government in Australia’ (2018) Economic Analysis and Policy 62, 27-36.
• Oikawa K and Ueda K, ‘The Optimal Inflation Rate under Schumpeterian Growth’, Journal of Monetary Economics, 100, 114-125, 2018.

Model Uncertainty and Macro-Econometrics program

• Albonico A, Paccagnini A and Tirelli P, 2019, ‘Limited Asset Market Participation and the Euro Area Crisis. An Empirical DSGE Model, Economic Inquiry (forthcoming).
• Garratt A, Vahey SP, Zhang Y, August 2018, ‘Real-time forecast combinations for the oil price’. Journal of Applied Econometrics (forthcoming) (CAMA WP 38/2018).
• Masolo RM and Paccagnini A, ‘Identifying Noise Shocks: a VAR with Data Revisions’, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (forthcoming).
Paccagnini A, 2019, Did financial factors matter during the Great Recession?, Economics Letters, Volume 174, january 2019, Pages 26-30.

Multi-Country Models and Methods program

• Asano A and Tyers R, 2019, ‘Japan’s oligopolies: potential economy-wide gains from structural reforms’, Economic Modelling (forthcoming).
Lee J-W and McKibbin WJ, 2019, ‘Korean unification: Economic adjustments under German assumptions’, Asian Economic Policy Review 14, 1-20.

Open Economy Macroeconomics program

• Shibata A, Shintani M and Tsuruga T, 2019, ‘Current account dynamics under information rigidity and imperfect capital mobility’, Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 92, April 2019, Pages 153-176.


Macroeconomic Policy Frameworks program

Makin A, 2018, ‘Asia-Pacific Economic Outlook’ in C. Byrne and L. West (eds) State of the Neighbourhood 2018, pp 23-34, Griffith Asia Institute, Brisbane.

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